The iPhone 7, Apple's current flagship, has barely touched the six-month mark, but a flurry of rumors for the iPhone 8, its successor, is already bouncing off from publication to publication this early.

Seeing as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are hotly disputed as merely minor upgrades over its predecessors, some Apple fans have decided instead to wait with bated breath over the next "true" iPhone upgrade.

Apple is reportedly testing 10 iPhone 8 prototypes, so it's hard to zero in on what exactly the device will end up being, and it's especially difficult to pinpoint which rumors hold greater weight than the rest.

Varying forecasts aside, it's always a good idea to congest the most probable rumors into one compact roundup, so here is every rumor about the forthcoming Apple flagship so far.

Curved OLED Display

All iPhone models released by Apple so far came with LCD screens, and the iPhone 8 may be an inflection point for the Cupertino company in terms of displays. OLED displays for the next iPhone has long been rumored, and if true, fans will most likely find it a welcome upgrade since OLED screens provide deeper blacks and better contrasts, while also boasting battery efficiency.

iPhone 8 will also reportedly feature an edge-to-edge display, as suggested by a patent Apple had recently been granted. The display might also be curved on both sides, as suggested by trusted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Faster A11 Chip

In terms of power, Apple is expected to beef up the iPhone 8's internals with a 10-nanometer proprietary A11 chip that is faster and more efficient than the previous iteration. TSMC is reportedly finished with the early design stages for the chip, which is likely headed for the iPhone 8 in 2017, with certification for the 10-nanometer process expected to be achieved late 2016.

All-Glass Design For Faster Wireless Charging

Apple may adopt an all-glass design for the iPhone 8, according to Kuo. Presently, iPhone casings are made of metal. Shifting to glass will allow the iPhone 8 to feature faster wireless charging, since metal-cased smartphones cap wireless charging speeds.

Kuo notes that the wireless chargers will be manufactured by Pegatron, a Taiwanese electronics company. If wireless charging is indeed in the cards, a more pressing question is whether Apple will ship the phone with a wireless charger in tow, or sell it separately, in a very upsetting Apple-like fashion.

3D Dual-Lens Camera

A recent report touts Apple as working with LG to embed the iPhone 8 with a 3D dual-lens camera. Apple has reportedly collaborated with LG Innotek to develop a smartphone camera module capable of 3D photography.

This rumor is bolstered by the fact that Apple has shelled out a lofty amount early 2015 to acquire Israeli startup LinX, whose proprietary technology adds depth to photographs. Given that the iPhone 7 already has dual cameras, it's likely that Apple is gunning for 3D as the next innovation in its upcoming flagship.

Three Models

There are going to be three iPhone 8 models, and only one of them will rock the aforementioned OLED display, according to Kuo. If this rumor turns out to be true, then Apple will release 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 8 variants with LCD displays, with the screen size of the OLED display-rocking variant still undetermined.

Other Rumored Features

According again to Kuo, the iPhone 8 could come with advanced biometric features in the likes of facial recognition and iris scanning. Kuo has not elaborated what they'll be used for, but these would likely be alternative unlocking methods for the device, or a potential added layer of security needed in certain transactions such as online payments.

The iPhone 8 will also sport an improved taptic engine, according to a report by Nikkei. Apple is reportedly working on a "high-performance motor" capable of executing more complex tactile vibrations. Such an engine is apt for the iPhone 8, especially if Apple is ditching the home button altogether, according to rumors. Haptic feedback could issue vibrations on a number of triggers, such as unlocking the phone or completing an Apple Pay transaction, which is presently administered by the iPhone 7's non-clickable home button.

Picked up any iPhone 8 rumors missing from this list? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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