U.S.-based startup Goldbely is poised to redefine the food delivery system as it perseveres to offer food sourced from popular restaurants. However, what sets Goldbely apart from its rivals is that it cashes in on nostalgia.

Goldbely ships out food from some of the best-known eateries such as the Honolulu Fish Company in Hawaii, Joe's Pizza in New York, and Prantl's Bakery in Pittsburgh.

Those worried about the food going bad in transit can rest easy as Goldbely ships it in just a couple of days. The food arrives chilled intact at one's doorstep, ready for consumption or heating.

Depending on the distance it may take a few days to reach the consumer, but what is assured is nutrition and taste are locked in.

"We are on a mission to discover all things delicious. On our journey, we're seeking out the legendary local restaurants, amazing artisans and great gourmet food purveyors that produce amazing regional products. The care and craftsmanship that goes into the preparation of their specialty dishes brings us great inspiration," shares the company.

Goldbely: How It All Began

The slot for specialty regional cuisine and superior foods was identified by Joe Ariel, Goldbely's founder, four years ago. The venture was the result of his craving for Tennessee cuisine after he left Nashville.

Ariel's objective is to assist restaurateurs and small businesses to get national exposure. Goldbely undertakes its own selection procedure for restaurants despite large-scale applications from hopefuls aspiring to be part of the Goldbely platform.

What Makes Goldbely Different From Rivals?

Currently, Goldbely has 300 vendors on board. Even though food delivery companies such as Blue Apron or UberEats provide similar services, the company does not see itself as a competitor. This is on account of the superior restaurateurs it sources its food from.

Goldbely also has a monthly barbecue subscription, which comes with Austin's Salt Lick BBQ Texas Brisket and Legend Central BBQ's Dry Rub Ribs from Memphis.

Besides offering individual meals, the company has 15 subscription schemes and quick eats such as cookies and barbecue, bacon, and pizza. The way it works is that with the pizza option at $59 a month, the subscriber will receive a pizza each month from varied restaurants.

The sandwich kit from Primanti Bros., a staple of the Pittsburgh diet, can serve up to eight people. It comes in separate packages for cheese, french fries, and bread. The total cost of this kit is $99, which works out to about $12.38 per sandwich. This figure is on the average $5 more expensive than a sandwich at a Primanti's store. However, one needs to take into consideration the shipping costs.

Anchor Bar wings, popularly considered the "original Buffalo wings," cost $129 for 50 wings. This is hugely overpriced when compared to the fact that consumers would need to shell out a mere dollar for a wing at the original location. If you have a real hankering for the original recipe, then you probably won't mind paying more, especially if you're nowhere near a food joint with really good chicken wings.

Goldbely assures meals and snacks that are sourced from where they were created, and looks to make the delivery of food seamless for consumers, satisfying their cravings — at the same time cashing in on the nostalgia.

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