With rapid development in urban civilization and a gradual increase in the number of automobiles, traffic is becoming an intolerable issue.

Airbus Group's Urban Air Mobility division has crafted a flying car that shall assist in avoiding the annoying traffic congestions on the road.

The group plans to examine a prototype for the electrically operated, self-piloted flying car. These cars shall assist commuters to avoid traffic jams. The Urban Air Mobility unit is exploring the varied concepts ranging from vehicles that shall transport individuals to multiple riders.

Why Flying Cars?

The aircraft company, second to Boeing, is looking to the skies for drawing a viable solution for urban congestion. It is also working on producing package delivery drones, autonomous buses, and other modes of transport.

The Airbus Group is looking forward to using the skies to reduce the cost for the urban infrastructure planners. This will prevent any further investment into building concrete bridges and roads.

Rumors are swirling online that the car shall have multiple propellers and, therefore, appear as drones. The company is planning to make this an autonomous venture. It is also eagerly waiting for regulations and legislations that permit the pilot-free driving system.

How To Avail The Service?

The Airbus Group has designed an app system, which could let the riders book the vehicle that will help in ferrying multiple riders. This arrangement is quite similar to the car-sharing schemes.

If things go Airbus Groups' way, one could possibly be looking at the best way to evade the gridlock on the city roads by the end of 2017.

The actual design and final layout has been kept a secret, and the company is not prepared to divulge any further information.

At the DLD Conference, Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders mentioned that the company shall be demonstrating a single flying vehicle by the year's end.

"One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground. We are in an experimentation phase, we take this development very seriously. With flying, you don't need to pour billions into concrete bridges and roads," said Enders.

Airbus Group is ensuring that the vehicles will be pollution-free and environment friendly. It is imperative that the cities are kept clean for better livelihood and no compromises pertaining to health issues are made.

The company is currently the largest producer of commercial helicopters. Its new initiative to create flying cars is another attempt to make the most of the new technological inventions related to driving and artificial intelligence.

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