'Ark: Survival Evolved' Mod Replaces Dinosaurs With Pokémon: Try It Now Before It's Taken Down


One of the most popular mods for Ark: Survival Evolved replaces the dinosaurs with different Pokémon, allowing players to hunt and tame them in an entirely different world.

For players who are interested in trying out the mod, you might want to do so as soon as possible, given Nintendo's history of going after fan-made projects involving the Pokémon brand.

What Is The Pokémon Evolved Mod?

The mod for Ark: Survival Evolved, named Pokémon Evolved, replaces the dinosaurs in the game with 30 different types of Pokémon, including fan favorites Rapidash, Alakazam, and Gyarados, along with all evolutions of the original starter Pokémon Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

In the mod's page in the Steam Workshop, it is stated that for Pokémon Evolved, players will eschew gathering resources and will instead gather credits by killing the Pokémon that they encounter in the wild. The credits that players collect can then be used in the Poké Terminal, where they can buy building materials, potion capsules, and glyphs. Players can also purchase a base bed and summon Pokémon through the Poké Terminal.

DMCA Takedown Notice On Pokémon Evolved

Pokémon Evolved has actually been previously served with a notice of copyright infringement under the DMCA, which is understandable given the fact that the mod's creator, Mystic Academy, directly ripped the models and animations for the different Pokémon from Pokémon X/Y.

It was initially thought that it was Nintendo that requested for the DMCA notice to be served, but according to the mod's developer, it was not Nintendo behind it. The DMCA notice was submitted by another modder, or perhaps a supporter of that modder, who is also working on a Pokémon mod for Ark: Survival Evolved. Perhaps the other modder wanted to bring down Pokémon Evolved to propel his own version of a Pokémon mod for Ark: Survival Evolved to popularity?

The DMCA notice has since been lifted, and no traces of it can be found on the Pokémon Evolved page in the Steam Workshop, save for the special thank you message by the mod's creator to the rival modder who issued the DMCA notice for making the mod trend globally. Players will have no trouble accessing and downloading the mod, at least for now.

Nintendo Vigilant In IP Protection

Nintendo is known to be vigilant in protecting its intellectual property, even if it was being used for fan-made projects that promote the company's brands.

In August of last year, Nintendo ordered a takedown notice against fan-made Pokémon Uranium, a PC game that introduced over 150 new Pokémon and a new Nuclear type. The game, set in the all-new Tandor region, was downloaded over 1.5 million times before the developers took down the project's download links.

A similar shutdown request was sent to the developers of Pokémon Prism, which was set in the Naljo region. The project would have featured an original story and 20 badges for players to earn, but days before the project launched, Nintendo ordered the game to be taken down. Pirates, however, eventually leaked the game for the public to access.

That said, with the popularity of Pokémon Evolved rising, it could be a matter of days before it is served the same shutdown notice as the ones received by the developers of Pokémon Uranium and Pokémon Prism. As such, players who are enjoying the Ark: Survival Evolved mod should make the most out of what is likely the last days that it will be available.

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