Pixel, Pixel XL LifeProof FRE Waterproof Cases Now Available Via The Google Store


The Google Pixel smartphone may be an excellent device, but unlike some of its rivals, it is severely hampered in one respect: it is not waterproof. This handicap is being addressed by the FRE series of cases manufactured by LifeProof, and they are now available at the Google Play Store.

Some users will probably balk at the appearance of a FRE case. It is a bit bulky, and once a Pixel is outfitted with it, the handset will be transformed into something not unlike a tank or a warrior armed to the teeth.

The FRE Pixel case has one other potential drawback for consumers. It costs an eye-watering $90, but if these variables are of no consequence to you, let us dive in to its value propositions, which promise to outweigh all the previously cited misgivings.

Google Pixel Waterproof Rating

It must be noted that the Google Pixel merely has an IP53 waterproof rating. In the rating convention, IP stands for ingress protection, while the numbers are interpreted separately. In the Pixel rating, for instance, 5 corresponds to protection against solids (dust and dirt), while 3 is the rating for liquid protection.

Three in the IP certification means that the Pixel and the Pixel XL are immune to water sprays with normal velocity when tilted up to a 60-degree angle. So while these devices can withstand getting briefly wet in the rain or splashed with water, it will be damaged if you drop it in a sink filled with water or even in the toilet bowl.

FRE Waterproof Case

Now, the FRE Pixel case promises to amp up the Pixel IP rating from IP53 to IP68. That is a massive jump in terms of IP waterproofing. If a Pixel is rocking the FRE Pixel case, you can submerge it at depths of up to 1.5 meters and it will do just fine. You can even leave the device in this environment for 30 minutes.

Aside from waterproofing, the case's 6 solid protection rating means that it also offers enhanced dust and dirt resistance capability.

Finally, LifeProof, which is best known for its iPhone cases, also claims that the FRE case can protect Pixel devices from snow so you won't need to buy your device a sweater to keep it warm in extreme winter temperature. Moreover, the case will also render Pixel devices drop proof, allowing it to survive falls from up to a 2-meter height scot-free.

Overall, the FRE Pixel case seems perfect for outdoor forays where the Pixel will be exposed to harsh environment. LifeProof also stressed that the FRE case is designed in such a way that it does not hamper any of the Pixel features.

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