Famous hacker group Anonymous has targeted U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, threatening to expose his "personal and financial ties with Russian mobsters."

In a succession of tweets posted from one of the group's main Twitter accounts on Jan. 16, Anonymous claimed it has secret information on Trump's dubious ties with Russian mafia, child traffickers, and money launderers.

The hacker group also cautioned that Trump will regret his next four years as President.

The tweets from the hacker group collectively came after Trump took a dig at retiring CIA chief John Brennan with a tweet saying, "Was this the leaker of fake news?"

The "fake news" according to Trump is the dossier written by British espionage Christopher Steele, who claims that Trump paid sex workers to urinate on his Moscow hotel bed as a sign of "dirty protest" against Barack Obama. Obama stayed in the same hotel suite during an earlier visit.

Although Anonymous made strong allegations against Trump in its tweets, the group did not release any evidence to support its claims. The group did not reveal how it plans to share this alleged information in its possession and expose Trump.

In 2016, Anonymous waged a cyber war against Trump by shutting down his personal websites and threatening to expose personal information Trump didn't want the public to know.

Anonymous also started the #OpTrump campaign and called in every individual with access to a computer to join the movement and sabotage his presidential campaign.

However, the protest did not gather much support as a few days later, another group calling itself the Anonymous Patriots, said the hashtag campaign was an attack on freedom of speech.

Trump is yet to respond to the allegations made by Anonymous.

Anonymous War On ISIS

The last time Anonymous declared war was right after the terrible Paris attacks. Anonymous posted a video on YouTube declaring "War on ISIS."

The video showed an unidentified male wearing the famous Guy Fawkes mask threatening to take down ISIS for the violence it caused worldwide. ISIS responded to this threat by calling the hacker collective "idiots." Time will now tell how Anonymous plans to take down Trump who is to be sworn in as President of the United States on Jan. 20.

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