A recently published image on Twitter appears to have revealed the what is believed to be the Samsung Galaxy S8's front bezel, or at least that's what was initially thought.

The image, which was picked up by several publications upon being posted, actually shows tempered glass screen protectors for the forthcoming flagship and not glass cover panels.

The screen protectors, as reported by Android Police, were produced by a third-party manufacturer for the Galaxy S8, designed ahead of the phone's launch.

Galaxy S8 Front Panel

Despite the leaked image turning out to be simply screen protectors, looking at its design actually reveals an overall preview of what the Galaxy S8 looks like. If the screen protectors turn out to be legitimate, then the Galaxy S8 will indeed have curved screens, lining up with previous rumors. Additionally, the Galaxy S8's screen-to-body ratio looks definitely larger than the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge's, with the front panel featuring a behemoth display bookended by thin strips of bezel on the upper and lower parts of the device.

The image's author, however, is neither responding to queries about the screen protectors' origin nor offering any kind of contextual narrative as to bolster the legitimacy of the object in question.

Sources say, however, that the screen protectors are the closest representation of the Galaxy S8. Looking at the upper bezel, one can see that there's an extra sensor window where the iris scanner will presumably be placed, lining up with previous rumors touting that exact feature.

Galaxy S8 Rumors

A goldmine of Galaxy S8 rumors has filled the web quite proficiently in the past few weeks, especially with the reveal of the flagship becoming and more and more imminent.

Like the leaked image suggests, the Galaxy S8 is rumored to come rocking a near-bezel-less curved screen manufactured under the Y-OCTA display technology. It could also have a fingerprint scanner under the display, which, judging by the absence of the home button on these recent leaks, will be the case. It will feature a 3.5 mm headphone jack, rumors suggest, and it will feature a Continuum-esque ecosystem found on the HP Elite x3. It's also reportedly going to come with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, Harman stereo speakers, and a 3D touch-like screen functionality. In terms of power, the phrase "beast mode" is being thrown around of late, which could allude to the phone's very powerful internals.

Galaxy S8 Release Date

Samsung will reportedly peel the wraps off this device come late February during this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. With so many rumors festering the web, however, there's probably not much more to reveal. The Galaxy S8 will be released mid-April, according to rumors.

Anyhow, the important thing is that the Galaxy S8 succeeds where the Note 7 horribly failed. Last year, Samsung recalled and eventually halted the production of Note 7 devices due to concerns over random explosions of the handset. Widely believe to be a battery flaw, Samsung is poised to disclose the official results of its investigation before this month comes to a close.

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