Apple has not addressed the multiple issues surrounding its iOS 10 software update, particularly with the issue of iPhones dying down despite having more than enough battery life. The company has admitted there is a battery problem with a small batch of iPhone 6s units, but so far it has not addressed the battery concerns of those who have different iPhone models.

Despite the inclusion of a battery diagnostics tool in iOS 10.2, Apple has remained silent about the problems its iPhone users are facing, says Gordon Kelly of Forbes.

Users Complain About iPhone Battery Drain

Kelly has exclusively reported on the "30% bug," a glitch that has affected iOS 10-supported iPhones (except for those using iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus). Many users have reported on social media that their phones automatically shut down the moment they reach the 30% battery life mark.

The battery issue has blown up to a point that it has created a 117-page thread full of complaints on one of Apple's forums. Even one of Apple's former executives, Tony Fadell, has joined in the fray by tweeting that his iPhone also suffers from the bug.

Apple Admits Battery Problem Over iPhone 6S

The China Consumers Association, a Chinese consumer protection agency, has accused Apple of failing to "meet basic consumer needs for normal wireless communication" and has said that the problems extend far beyond the iPhone 6s.

Despite its many consumer complaints, Apple has not really come clean about what's going on. While the company did admit that a small batch of iPhone 6s manufactured in September and October 2015 did have problems, it did not mention any problems with its other models.

As a result, the limited replacement program that Apple offered left some users disappointed with the company. If, for instance, one's iPhone serial number is not included in Apple's list, then the owner wouldn't be able to replace it.

Users Experienced More Problems After Updating To iOS 10

The company's succeeding software updates have not helped at all at this point. In fact, some users are claiming that these updates only served to worsen their problems.

Aside from the main issue of battery draining ahead of time, other problems such as bricking, lagging, and crashes were reported. Cellular data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity issues have also surfaced. Features such as Touch ID, AssistiveTouch, and Sleep/Wake buttons reportedly stopped working after users updated to iOS 10.

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