Google has announced that all Chromebooks coming out this year will support Android apps. Chromebooks have always been a popular option in the education sector because of their affordability; however, they have failed to achieve mainstream popularity, especially with home users.

The company is pushing through with its plans to incorporate Android apps in its Chromebooks in the hopes of addressing this issue and making the brand more accessible and attractive to a wide range of consumers.

As it stands now, most of the Chromebooks that have been released so far are for basic computing, but these machines can be restricting when not connected to the internet. This is why the news from Google cannot come at a better time for people who have been looking to Chromebooks as an option, since many Android apps can be used while in offline mode.

It also doesn't hurt that the Google Play Store also comes with a large library of games that can be brought over to Chrome OS, the operating system used in Chromebooks.

Google Makes It Official: Android Apps Are Coming To Chromebooks

Google already announced last year that it was bringing the apps from its mobile platform to its desktop platform, and that the feature will be made available to older Chromebooks by the end of 2016.

The company finally confirmed on Monday that "all Chromebooks launching in 2017 and after" will support Android apps "at a time to be announced in the coming future."

Currently, there are three Chromebooks that already sport this feature: the Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer Chromebook R11, and Chromebook Pixel.

Google also collaborated with Samsung at this month's CES 2017 and unveiled the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus, which will have the beta version of the Play Store preinstalled.

Chromebooks' Limitations

It remains to be seen though, if these apps would be reformatted to fit Chromebook screens. Some Android apps have been designed for specific handsets.

Another thing to consider is the internal storage of the Chromebook being used. Chromebooks do not have a sizable internal storage because majority of their files are stored in the cloud.

Nevertheless, the addition of Android apps will make the Chromebook a viable alternative for people looking to purchase an affordable, modest computer this year, as more offline apps and extra functionality will become available to the Chrome OS.

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