Walmart Will Begin Selling Cars In April


Good news for all car buyers in the United States, Walmart is all set to begin its automotive sales early this spring.

While the retailer itself has not yet confirmed the intention behind this deal, Walmart will reportedly begin its partnership with CarSaver and AutoNation by April 1.

Walmart, one of the nation's largest retailers, is looking to enter the market of automobile sales. With dealership groups like AutoNation and CarSaver, it likely hopes to make some prospective deals with consumers.

Online retail platforms like CarSaver have already planned to launch its program on April 1 in 25 Walmart Supercenters covering the automotive market in places like Houston, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, and Dallas.

It is being expected that by 2019, Walmart shall be able to cover nationwide locations and, therefore, succeed in its attempts.

Available On The Digital Platform

The buyers can attend CarSavers online platform where one can select, as well as finance the vehicle. The car shopper also gets the option to insure the vehicle through the website. With touchscreen facility at CarSavers' kiosk, the buyer gets to navigate through all the related options with ease. Also, the bilingual automatic advisers shall help in providing information when required.

CarSaver Centers shall be set up inside Walmart stores where the car buying program shall be explained to interested customers.

The best part about these dealers is that they are available within 15 miles of any Supercenter. As the location of the stores is an integral part of customer care, Walmart caters to each of these factors as it believes in maintaining good customer relations.

According to reports, Sean Wolfington, the CEO of CarSaver informed that Walmart and CarSaver have already run pilot program in Stuart in 2016. During this program, it was found that customers saved nearly $3,000 off the original selling prices.

While Walmart prefers to keep mum about any of the details regarding this program held at Stuart, Wolfington has reported that almost 80 percent customers had placed an appointment with the dealer for making purchases in Stuart in 2016.

With such strong customer feedback, it is evident that CarSaver is a powerful online retail platform that shall assist in carrying out prospective deals.

By the next two years, Walmart intends to expand the CarSaver centers nationwide subject to adequate enthusiasm and sales during the launch and after. Walmart hopes that its initiative of entering the automobile market would prove to be one of its best decisions.

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