Once iOS 10.3 rolls out, iPad users will have a system that contains secret keyboards that Apple seems to be bent on hiding at this point. This was according to developers who have discovered the feature in the newly released beta version.

So far, at least two hidden keyboards have been identified thanks to Steve Troughton-Smith, who dutifully announced the interesting discovery via Twitter.

Hovering Keyboard

The first keyboard is now being referred to as the floating keyboard because it purportedly hovers on top of applications. Because of the keyboard's size, Apple seemed to have designed it for one handed use.

Troughton-Smith noted that the interface is not unlike a picture-in-picture window, one that could easily get dragged around the screen even when the user is using the iPad split-screen mode.

The orientation, however, looks awkward. If you look at the video clip that depicted it in action, you will notice how its size would prevent its effective use if it got dragged at or near the center. The distance that your thumb or any of your fingers will have to travel in addition to the minuscule size of the keys would require a bit of finger acrobatics to compose a word.

The case, however, should be different if the keyboard sits on the lower corners of the screen. This is where one-handed operation would work best.

The keyboard could appeal to users who are put off with constantly having to minimize keyboard to see content. According to Mashable, it could even prove handy when changing input between two simultaneously running apps. These benefits are complemented by the fact that this floating keyboard version also has a Trackpad Mode. Troughton-Smith has not explained this bit in detail, piquing our curiosity even more.

iPad Gestural Keyboard

The other keyboard was identified as Gestural keyboard because of its capability to backspace or input space by swiping left or right.

Both keyboards are still buggy, prompting observers to say that it is not ready for prime time. That is probably the reason why it was hidden in the first place.

Still, some are still wondering how the keyboards were not immediately made available in the iOS 10.3 beta build. While they certainly lacks polish, testing feedback would have contributed to the way they are developed. This should be the case especially if these keyboards, along with other iOS 10.3 features, will debut in the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference possibly happening this summer.

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