One of the most important things in the age of Internet of Things (IoT) is how secure our connections are and how well users can keep their private information private. Sure it is easy to stay connected all the time using free wi-fi in public areas but that convenience can just as easily cost users their privacy.

Despite have a world of information accessible through the internet, some sites and services resort to blocking content in certain regions. Fortunately for many, Virtual Private Networks are available to use in order to access geo-blocked content, bypass a censored website, or protect their personal information when accessing private sites such as a home or office network.

Some internet browsers provide built-in, free VPN service, such as the Opera 40 browser which promises unlimited bandwidth and increased security. Other users, however, need more powerful VPNs and opt for paid subscription services that could cater to their privacy needs.

Fortunately, paid VPN services will not really burn a hole through your pockets if you choose wisely. You will just have to determine what you will be using the VPN for and how many devices you plan to connect to it because most have a limit of five devices.

Here are the top five VPNs in our list:

Opera 40 built-in VPN

We've placed Opera's built-in VPN on the top of the list simply because it's already ready to be enabled when you download the Opera browser. That's less decision making and more browsing from the get-go so the convenience is a big plus. If you just need the basic protection using a VPN, you can just download the Opera browser.

Tunnel Bear

It's not just the protective bear logo that we like but the free service limited to 500 MB monthly with Little Bear. If you happen to like the service and opt to go for unlimited bandwidth, you have the options to subscribe for a Giant Bear or Grizzle Bear plan. The Giant Bear is offered at $7.99 per month or $95.88 for 12 months at a monthly payment scheme and Grizzly bear is offered at $3.33 per month or $39.99 for 12 months at an annual payment scheme. People who want to use a VPN for P2P connections, however, should steer clear of TunnelBear because it is not supported.


IPVanish is next on our list and, where our Bears do not tunnel, the IPVanish does. IPVanish has support for unlimited P2P connections as well as unlimited bandwidth and it also supports up to five devices. Of course, with the extra service comes the extra fee. IPVanish is offered at $10 per month or $77.99 for a 12-month subscription.


PureVPN is another excellent VPN service that offers unlimited bandwidth, extensive server location, and a two-for-one New Year's deal that you may want to take advantage of while the offer lasts. Its current subscription prices are at $10.95 per month (+ 1 month free), a 6-month subscription at $8.95 per month (+ 6 months free), and a 2-year subscription deal for the price of one-year subscription at $2.45 per month. PureVPN is normally more pricey than others, which is why it is only at the number four spot but its current deal with a limited time offer beats even the bears so, if you want this, subscribe now.


SurfEasy is another great choice for a VPN with excellent security, fast servers, and unlimited bandwidth. The only reason it takes the fifth spot in our list is because it costs a little bit more than the others in the list at $11.99 per month or an annual subscription of $77.88 for 12 months. However, if you want an excellent VPN, SurfEasy is definitely worth it.

Freedom and excellent security have a price on the internet but the services listed above prove that you can get both without having to break the bank.

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