Like the OnePlus 3, the OnePlus 3T supports Dash charge which enhances the charging capabilities of the handset.

Now, a YouTube video pits the charging capabilities of the OnePlus 3T against the Google Pixel XL to reveal to consumers which of the two Android-powered smartphones is equipped with faster charging support.

The folks at OnePlus pitted the OnePlus 3T's Dash charge against the USB-C Power Delivery of Google Pixel XL.

The one-and-a-half minute video titled "OnePlus 3T — Power up your commute with Dash Charge" has been shared by OnePlus on YouTube and there are no prizes for guessing who will win this battle.

"Can Dash Charge deliver a day's power in half an hour during our commute? The Dash Car Charger races against the Google Pixel's Fast Charging technology on our way to work!" notes the video's description.

At the outset, OnePlus disclaims that the actual charging time may vary depending on several factors such as the settings, usage while charging, configuration of the smartphone, as well as the power source.

Dash Car Charge vs. Fast Charging

For the test, the Google Pixel XL was connected to the USB-C Belkin 27W car charger and the OnePlus 3T was connected to the OnePlus Dash car charger. The OnePlus 3T boasts a 3400 mAh battery versus the Google Pixel's 3450 mAh one.

While the Google smartphone supports fast charging, the OnePlus deploys Dash charge. The batteries of both these devices were charged simultaneously for 30 minutes, while the Google Maps app was in use.

After 30 minutes, it was seen that the Google Pixel XL had managed to charge only 19 percent, whereas the OnePlus 3T was 57 percent charged. This test reaffirms OnePlus's claims that with Dash charge, one gets a day's worth of power in half an hour.

Why Did OnePlus 3T Charge Faster?

This is because the Dash charge is able to convert the voltage in the adapter to minimize the heat that gradually builds up during the charging process.

Moreover, for any navigation process, a mobile device requires a certain amount of power. In this process, the phone may get heated up. Therefore, in the case of Pixel XL, the heat simply builds up and does not get converted unlike the OnePlus 3T. This in turn throttles the speed of charging as the Google Pixel tries to normalize the temperature.

At first glance, the Dash Type-C cable may appear nothing different when compared with the OnePlus cables used for charging. The roll shape design makes it tangle-free and easy to use.

Moreover, the internal cable is made of nickel and copper which ensures fast charging without heating up the wiring system or the device.

Check out the video below which shows off the two smartphones's charging capabilities in action.

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