Part of the Pokémon GO's novelty as a mobile game is the requirement for players to go out of the confines of their homes to hunt for monsters. While this gameplay has been lauded for getting people outdoors, it has also exposed players to all sorts of risks such as falling into manholes, getting run over by vehicles and even walking into danger or restricted properties.

This is said to be the reason why a new Pokémon GO Plus accessory is now in the pipeline. This was revealed in a Nikkei interview by Tsunekazu Ishihara, who currently heads The Pokémon Company.

New Pokémon GO Accessory

Ishihara disclosed that his company is now mulling the development of a new accessory to protect users from accidents and dangers.

He referred to the Pokémon GO Plus when he made that statement, prompting some observers to conclude that the device could be nothing more than its new iteration.

According to Ishihara, Pokémon GO Plus has been designed to keep players from looking down at their mobile devices all the time, making them more aware of risks in their environs.

However, he might also be referring to an entirely new accessory based on the emphasis on "new" and Ishihara's claim that The Pokémon Company could be working with Nintendo for this specific gadget. It will be interesting to find what this collaboration will ultimately create.

At this point, one should also commend the developers for continuously updating the Pokémon GO app and the Plus accessory. The series of recent changes, for example, have allowed users to safely play the game while driving.

What Is Pokémon GO Plus Accessory?

In case you do not have any inkling of what the Pokémon GO Plus accessory is, it is a wearable accessory that can be paired with your mobile device running the Pokémon GO game. It will let you capture monsters and interact with the so-called PokéStops without having to look at your phone.

There are probably users who would be grumbling about the possibility of a next-generation Pokémon GO Plus. Niantic has manufactured a very limited number of this wearable accessory, tremendously jacking up its price in retail destinations such as eBay. Recently, Amazon has just replenished its supply after its stocks got wiped out repeatedly since the wearable's launch in September. As of this writing, there are only six Pokémon GO Plus left that you can order.

Unhappy trainers who are still pining for the it might argue that Niantic Labs could not even produce sufficient number of accessories even today. It has, therefore, no business introducing another device that could probably suffer the same limited supply.

Aside from the Pokémon GO Plus, players can also use the Apple Watch for an enhanced Pokémon GO experience.

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