Still trying to get the Nintendo NES Classic Edition to no avail? Don't worry as there is help at hand.

Purchasing the elusive retro gaming console from Nintendo seems to be quite a task as the device is sold out on most online retailers.

To help one track the $60 Nintendo NES Classic, here's a look at the retailers from where consumers can purchase the console in the United States.

Nintendo NES Classic: What's The U.S. Availability Status?


Several retailers stocked up on the NES Classic Edition, only to get sold out instantly. GameStop was one such retailer, which made available the console on Jan. 25, only to have the "limited number of units" vanishing in a matter of minutes – this despite each customer being entitled to one system. It currently does not even list the gaming console.

Best Buy

The console is listed on Best Buy's online store for $59.99; however, it is not available for purchase.


The console is sold out on Target's online store, but if one is lucky, they could snag the NES Classic Edition from a physical outlet. Consumers can also run a check on to find out if the console is in stock.

Toys R Us

The console is out of stock online and is only sold in its stores so one can check out the nearest Toys R Us.

However, consumers in the United States have a few alternate options from where they can procure the retro console.


The NES Classic Edition can be bought online from Amazon; however, be prepared to shell out anything upwards of $120. The console is listed by many sellers on the website. While it is double the price of the original, if one desperately wants the Nintendo NES Classic, this is a good option.


Newegg has the NES Classic Edition for sale but one will need to pay $210.

Player's Choice

The console is available for $189.99 from the retailer.

Chunk Toys

The console can also be purchased from Chunk Toys for $199.99, but this is a two-player bundle.


One can also buy the NES Classic Edition from eBay, but be prepared to shell out upwards of $115 for the retro console.

Where To Buy It In The UK?

Consumers in the UK can take heart that the NES Classic Edition is available from Smyths Toys at its original price of £49.99, which is approximately $61.57. The store mentions "Estimated In Stock: 26 Jan to 29 Jan." The retailer has mentioned that it will be offering limited stock of the console at all its stores.

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