LOOK: Mercedes-Benz Introduces Sleek Design 'Aesthetics A' In Concept Form


The name Mercedes-Benz has rightfully earned respect and homage in the automotive industry with its excellent vehicles, from sports cars to compact vehicles to trucks. As such, the signature logo of the brand has since been a symbol of quality and sophistication.

Perhaps a contributing factor to the company's success is their nature of placing great, if not equal, importance on aesthetics, so much so that there is a Mercedes-Benz museum that opened in 2011 to mark 125 years of engineering and design.

For Mercedes-Benz, automobile design and art are two things that perfectly go hand in hand, something that they will likely prove yet again with the release of the sculpture concept form of the new Aesthetic A.

Mercedes-Benz: Sensual Purity, Emotion

Mercedes-Benz designs vehicles with the aim of evoking sensual purity and emotion. Such is the case with the current aesthetic present in the Mercedes-Benz A Class line of vehicles. The design incorporates indentations and recesses in the sheet metal, reaching out to younger consumers, which have become key to the company's global sales.

But Aesthetic A reduces the creases and lines to the extreme.

Aesthetic A: Sweeping Surfaces At Perfect Angles

The concept of Aesthetic A surprisingly leaves out the very elements and striking lines that stamped the success of Benz's A Class line.

By stripping down the design to sweeping surfaces at perfect angles that complement each other, the resulting play of light and shadow emphasizes the proportions and contoured design of Aesthetic A.

An intense and expressive shade of red, the new signature Mercedes-Benz color, connotes confidence, sensuality, and emotion. The Aesthetic A sculpture has a three-box design that signifies new forms in the compact class.

The sculpture is the fifth in a series from Mercedes-Benz that started with Aesthetics No. 1 (2010), followed by Aesthetics No. 2 and Aesthetics 125 (both 2011), and Aesthetics S (2012).

The Days Of Creases Are Over For Mercedes-Benz

Aesthetics A expresses Mercedes-Benz's passion for automobiles and the great importance the company places on fusing art with vehicle design.

The days of creases are over for Mercedes-Benz, as fans wait to see just how this new aesthetic will be incorporated into a new line of vehicles in the years to come.

"Good design is about much more than simply creating beautiful products: it combines functionality with fascination and gives brand values a distinctive form," said Dr Dieter Zetsche, Mercedes Benz and Daimler AG chief executive.

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