As Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three continues, Batman and his allies are becoming increasingly desperate. Superman is in control of a yellow lantern corp ring and stronger than ever, and has found a powerful new ally in the otherworldly and incredibly omniscient Spectre.

It's here where Injustice Year Three, chapter six begins. Batman and Constantine seek out Madame Xandu in order to gaze into the future and find a way to bring down the Spectre. But first Constantine has to be the bearer of bad news by revealing that Xandu's lover, Jason Blood, has been killed. At first overcome with rage at Constantine, she eventually agrees to aid him and peaks into the future with her card readings powers, revealing the Joker's return along with several other unclear prophecies.

Writer Tom Taylor is, as always, in top form here. With little action to speak of in this chapter, Taylor's touch of humor and deep understanding of each character's personality makes each page a joy to read. The conversation between Batman and Constantine in this chapter about empathy, and Batman's lack of it, is a perfect example of the great character moments that have come to define Taylor's run.

It's just plain fun to see characters who rarely interact in the main DC continuity be partnered up here, and as more and more characters bite the dust (permanently) the team-ups will only get more interesting. Artist Bruno Redondo does equally well on art duties. In an issue with little action and plenty of conversation, he does fine work capturing the facial expressions and reactions of each character as they play off one another.

That each issue of digital first Injustice is consistently top-notch is still astounding. A comic based on a video game set in an alternate DC universe sounds like it couldn't possibly be something worth reading, but here we are. It's been more than a year since the game Injustice: Gods Among Us was released, and fans still can't get enough of this alternate DC universe where there are no rules and the stakes are considerably higher than that of the DC universe proper.

Even though we know how the Injustice saga ends thanks to the game, every chapter of the Injustice comic is so entertaining and so well-crafted that it's impossible to not enjoy the ride. This latest issue is no different, and is well-worth reading.

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