Snapchat is making the platform more appealing for businesses thanks to its new feature that automatically launches any website after a user scans its unique QR code.

As part of its most recent update the popular photo and video app is now allowing users to create their own custom QR codes known on the platform as Snapcodes, which will then go to their website when scanned.

To create a Snapcode, businesses, brands, and any Snapchat user with an account can do so by opening Settings, and then tapping on Create Snapcode.

The user then enters in the website URL they wish to create a QR code for. They also have the option to add an image by tapping on the ghost icon. There is the option of adding an image from the website or from the user's camera roll.

Once the Snapcode is saved it can be used at any time. When user scans the code, it will launch its associated website inside Snapchat. This means users won't need to leave the app in order to check out the website.

This can be especially beneficial for businesses looking to strengthen their social media presence and promote their products or services. Now users will be able to follow them and check out its website without dealing with URLs.

It can also help public figures boost their social media stardom by getting followers check out their blog or the website of the company that they endorse products from.

This is not the first time Snapcodes has been introduced on the platform. The feature launched back in January 2015 for profiles as an easier way to follow other users without having to search for them in their contacts or by their usernames.

The new feature is now available after updating the app to version for iOS, with Snapcodes for websites still in beta for Android.

Snapchat launched a new look for the app at the end of January that highlights the search bar for easier navigation that can pull up friends, publishers, groups, filters, and Stories.

The redesign also features Bitmojis avatars, with the user just needing to tap on their Bitmoji icon to be able to be redirected to their profile no matter where they are in the app. This comes after the company acquired Bitmoji last spring. Users could previously send Bitmoji stickers to their friends in chats and add them to their snaps.

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