Who knew the players in the NFL were this funny?

The popular social media account Bad Lip Reading is back with a new video, this time giving the NFL its infamous treatment in celebration of Sunday's Super Bowl.

No matter if you are a hardcore sports fans or just in it for the wings, beer, commercials and halftime show featuring Lady Gaga, everyone will be watching the Super Bowl LI on Sunday. But before Tom Brady and the New England Patriots take on Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Bad Lip Reading is helping the Internet reminisce over all that went down this season in the NFL.

The close to six minute video features NFL players from both the AFC and NFC like Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Ezekiel Elliott, Philip Rivers and Colin Kaepernick who have been dubbed in a perfectly inaccurate, yet hilarious way.

Viewers can hear things like Brady complain about someone stealing his nickels, while reminding everyone he is "pretty and pushy," along with lots of singing of other funny voices coming from the player's mouths.

Not even the coaches are off limits with Kansas City Chief coach Andy Reid talks about reading, whereas Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin freaks out because he really needs a tic-tac.

Bad Lip Reading's NFL 2017 will arguably be the best thing we see leading up to game day. But it's not the first time it dubbed the NFL. Last year the account released not one, but two NFL 2016 videos, with part 2 being released on Super Bowl Sunday.

Bad Lip Reading also recently released an "Inauguration Day" video to add to its other election related hits like the "Presidential Poetry Slam" starring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump taken from the second presidential debate.

The account has also dubbed High School Musical and even Yoda from Star Wars, proving no event or phenomenon is safe.

Super Bowl LI airs on Sunday, Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. ET on FOX. Watch Bad Lip Reading's video below.

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