Nuance has upgraded the iOS version of its popular Swype keyboard to support 16 more tongues, bringing the apps available language up to 21.

The Swype keyboard app previously only supported English, Spanish, Italian and German. Now the intuitive keyboard includes support for UK English, Finnish, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Hinglish, Hungarian, Irish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Romanian and Swedish.

The premium keyboard allows users to chain together letters to form words, rather than tapping each letter in. It also includes a predictive text engine that suggests intended words as users chain letters together.

The 21 available languages is the most supported by any of iOS 8's third-party keyboard apps, according to Aaron Sheedy, Nuance's vice president of mobile solutions. Sheedy says his company has been excited about how iOS 8 users have responded to the Swype app.

"People love the speed and ease of quickly Swyping from one letter to the next -- and it's incredibly cool to see the words and phrases you are about to Swype automatically appear as you go -- almost at the same time you're thinking them," says Sheedy.

Along with more languages, the Swype keyboard is now leveraging its predictive capabilities to expand from guessing what users are preparing to enter to suggesting emojis. Based on the words users enter via Swype, the keyboard app will recommend emojis to better express the message.

The Swype keyboard's latest update for iOS 8 devices also brought with it QWERTZ and AZERTY layouts, for Central Europe and France, respectively, to accompany the its QWERTY offering. And rounding out the update, Nuance announced that Swype's themes are now free for iPad users.

While it doesn't point to the Swype keyboard, Nuance reported that its mobile and consumer sector brought in $109.2 million during the third quarter of its 2014 fiscal year. The company said its revenue was up by 12 percent, year-over-year.

Among iOS 8's bevy of launch issues, the mobile OS's native keyboard frustrated users so much that they propelled the Swype keyboard to the top of the charts in Apple's App Store.

The Swift keyboard, which made its name on Android devices, was the top paid app in the App Store when the iPhone 6 series launched. Likewise, the Swiftkey keyboard app shot to the number two position among free apps on the App Store.

"We've worked really hard on getting something ready for launch and this is the ultimate reward," said Joe Braidwood, CMO at SwiftKey

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