Even though most of America is so over this election season, the last thing a person would want to do is go on a date with a pro Donald Trump supporter when they have already pledged "I'm With Her."

Then again, there are probably plenty of people out there who have tuned out all the election coverage thus far and are still undecided as to who to vote for and what candidate stands for what.

Nothing is more of a turn off for the political conscious person than to go out on a date with a match, seem to hit it off, and only to find out they are clueless as to what is going on in U.S. politics right now.

But Tinder is making it even easier for users to get up to speed on important issues and get matched with a candidate just in time for the November 8 elections.

The popular dating app announced on Wednesday its partnership with the nonprofit Rock the Vote to launch a new election feature that brings the polls to users.

While users won't be able to cast their vote for Trump or Clinton in the app, they will now be able to vote on many of today's most hot-button issues to see how their political views align with who they think they will vote for.

Called Swipe the Vote Poll, the new feature in the Tinder app allows users to swipe left or right to answer questions based on topics like taxes, immigration, gun control, college tuition and healthcare. After completing the poll, the user is then matched with a candidate that best fits their beliefs.

And it's especially important to be encouraged to vote and know who is the best candidate to vote for based on their values and policies because this is such a monumental and historic election year.

"The voices and opinions of our users are more important than ever—with this election marking the first time that nearly all millennials can vote," Sean Rad, founder and CEO of Tinder said in a statement. "We are excited to be doing our part to educate and mobilize our users, in partnership with Rock the Vote, while driving global conversation and awareness about this historic election."

The new feature also taps in Rock the Vote's intelligence to inform Tinder users as to where their nearest polling station is so they can cast their vote on election date.

 "Getting young voters to the polls means meeting them where they are, and incorporating tools and technology they're comfortable with," Jesse Moore, Rock the Vote's Vice President for Civic Engagement said. "That's why it matters when Rock the Vote can work with a company like Tinder to make learning about a candidate and locating your polling place just as easy as meeting someone interesting and finding yourself a date."

Users have the option to also share their candidate match on social media. And who knows, this may even help users be better matched with users on the platform based on having some political banter in their chats.

Tinder will be releasing the data based of the results from Swipe the Vote Poll early next week.

The new Swipe the Vote Poll feature aims to get more millennials to become political conscious and make sure to head out to vote in two weeks. 

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