Google Stopping Pixel XL And Pixel Production?


Google's Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are among the most popular Android smartphones available in the market.

Google, however, has been finding it difficult to manage the increasing demand for the two smartphones as evidenced by the frequent selling out of the handset on online stores.

As Google looks to keep pace with the supply and demand for the Pixel and Pixel XL, rumors started circling online that the company is looking to cease the production of the two smartphones.

How The Rumor Started

Several TELUS users who placed an order for either the Pixel or Pixel XL with the Canadian carrier received a mail, which advised them that the network operator will not be able to take further orders of the handsets as Google would cease to continue the production of the devices.

TELUS also apologized on behalf of Google but did not mention anything as to why the company would be stopping the production of its flagship smartphones just four months after their release.

Complaints and confusion regarding the news of discontinuation of Google Pixel and Pixel XL poured on Reddit shortly, where people turned to each other to get some more information regarding the surprising news.

"I don't understand why they would cease production during an expensive ad/PR campaign without naming a replacement. This seems very fishy," complained a Reddit user.

Google, however, put to rest all rumors and clarified that TELUS was actually out of stock. The company asserted that it had not ceased the production for the handsets.

Google also clarified that the production will not be halting in the near future and it was working on restocking the Pixel XL on all retail channels.

"We're really excited by the demand for the Pixel XL in Canada. TELUS is currently out of stock of the Pixel XL. We're working with our partners to restock inventory across our retail channels and we can confirm that production of the Pixel has not stopped," said Google on being asked about the discontinuation rumor.

TELUS Confirms Pixel And Pixel XL Supply

TELUS also confirmed to Android Central that it will be providing Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones to customers as soon as it restocks its inventory.

Currently, the sought-after Google Pixel is listed on TELUS's website and costs $900 (no term). The Pixel XL is also listed, but without any purchase details.

The Canadian carrier is yet to issue any apology regarding the confusion it created in the first place. 

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