Things are about to get really strange for Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas in the real world this Halloween. That's because the expansive Upside Down and its monsters are coming to haunt their (not so quiet anymore) little town of Hawkins, Indiana when Stranger Things returns for its second season.

A teaser for season 2 of the super hit Netflix original series aired during Sunday nights Super Bowl LI, revealing it's Halloween premiere date.

But that wasn't the only thing we learned. Although the teaser was just 36 short seconds, it did give up some clues as to what fans can expect for the series' second installment. 

New Season, Same Feel

The Super Bowl ad opens with an old commercial for Eggos. This instantly reminds viewers that the show will continue to bring its nostalgic '80s feel. But it also serves a second purpose.

Eleven Is Back

It also hints that Eleven is back (actress Millie Bobby Brown was included in a season 2 production photo, which pretty much confirmed it). The teaser then cuts to a shot of Eleven upside down (get it?) with a bloody nose seeming to "wake up" after hearing her name being called.

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More Monsters, More References

From the looks of it, viewers will be seeing a whole lot more of the Upside Down and its monsters. And while that means more demoogorgon action, this helps to hint that the Duffer Brothers will continue to pay homage to more sci-fi and monster movies they love. The shot of of the monster in the trailer gives fans a Cloverfield and Super 8 kind of feel, whereas a scene where one of the boys is looking at the slowly opening door gives Close Encounters of theThird  Kind vibes.

The trailer also shows Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and the boys dressed in Ghostbusters costumes for Halloween—a choice that is very fitting as they take on the supernatural.

There is also a quick look of someone in a hazmat suit with a taser-like weapon that suggests they are about to tame some beast.

Harper Plays Both Sides

There is a short clip of Harper driving a stake into something. This suggests he is killing some kind of monster, which means that even though he is now working for the government agency, he is playing both sides.

Will Is Still In Trouble

Season 1 was all about finding Will, but even though he is back he is still in some trouble. The teaser gives a brief look at surveillance footage that shows Will in some kind of hospital or lab setting with a doctor and his mom (Winona Ryder) by his side. Viewers can then see many different surveillance cameras set up, hinting at the latter while also giving clues that more experiments that are going on.

Premiere Date

Don't forget to stream season 2 of Stranger Things when it hits Netflix on October 31, 2017.

Check out the trailer for Stranger Things, season 2 below.

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