Google is teaming up with H&M's digital fashion house Ivyrevel for the Coded Couture project, which will create a customized piece of fashion known as the Data Dress.

The project will utilize Google's Snapshot API and Awareness API, with the application that will help in the creation of the Data Dress now in limited alpha testing.

Google's Awareness API

In last year's Google I/O developer conference, the company unveiled the Awareness API. Through it, apps will be able to understand the location of users, what they are doing there, and what is nearby, allowing them to react more intelligently to the situations and environment of the user.

To do this, the Awareness API utilizes all the sensors of a smartphone. A device's sensors will be able to detect things such as if the user is walking or driving, locations through nearby Bluetooth beacons, weather conditions, if the headphones are plugged in, and other rather specific details.

The Awareness API can be deemed rather scary for users who are concerned about their privacy, but if users do agree to being monitored by it, the API can have very useful applications. Apparently, one of these uses is to make customized dresses.

Coded Couture App For The Data Dress

An Android application under the Coded Couture project is being developed that will be able to monitor the activities and lifestyle of users, upon their consent, as powered by the Awareness API alongside the Snapshot API.

The data that will be collected by the Android app will then be used to create a personalized Data Dress, which can also be ordered through the app. A week's worth of data will be needed before the dress can be made.

The idea behind the Data Dress is that it will be able to translate the wearer's lifestyle into a unique, fashionable look. The dress will mainly display the routes the wearer takes and his or her daily routine as map lines, and will be created in the style that the user will choose, whether for parties, work, or formal events. Other details such as color, embellishments, and material will be based on the data that the project's app will collect.

For example, if the wearer resides in a cold country, the dress will be made of materials that are suited for such a climate. If the wearer likes to go out to dance, the dress will have details that will allow it to shine in the dance floor, such as diamond embellishments.

The app is currently being tested by several global style influencers, including Kenza Zouiten, the cofounder of Ivyrevel. The official Coded Couture website is accepting sign-ups for users who would like to try a future version of the app, once it is ready for a public release.

Ivyrevel is planning to start the price of the Data Dress at $99, though that is still subject to change. There is also no planned launched date for the app yet, but it is expected to be released some time this fall.

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