You can't accuse Marvel of not being ambitious enough with its 2015 comic event plans.

Fans have known for a while now that next summer is going to bring a new Secret Wars miniseries event, but what it's about has been a mystery. That mystery was compounded when Marvel began sending out teaser artwork for one past miniseries event after another for over two weeks.

Fifteen teasers were sent out in all, including Civil War, Planet Hulk, Old Man Logan and many more, and all of them were labeled as "Summer 2015." It was confusing, to say the least.

Today Marvel has finally explained itself with the release of the following video which places all of those teasers together into a surprising arrangement.

Yes, just like the original Secret Wars from the mid-80s, this one has a Battleworld. But this one finds Marvel using a truly clever conceit: every major event miniseries from the publisher's history is being poised as an alternate reality, and each one of those exists in a different territory on this new Battleworld.

Obviously, someone or something has to be responsible for pulling together these various realities, but Marvel has released no new details about Secret Wars beyond this teaser trailer. The most likely explanation is the Beyonder, the god-like architect of the original Battleworld, but there are any number of other cosmically powerful candidates running throughout Marvel continuity.

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