iOS users of the Google Maps app will be pleased to learn that it has been updated, which brings a new feature along the way.

The version 4.27 of the Google Maps app brings the Live Popular Times functionality, which will enable users to navigate accurately.

The app was updated on Thursday and brings bug fixes, the ability to swiftly access the addresses in the clipboard during a search, as well as the ability to see in real-time how crowded a place is. Moreover, users will also be able to see the time spent by a person on average in such crowded places, to aid faster decision making.

Google Maps has been benefiting from regular updates ever since its inception, bringing frequent conveniences for its users.

Almost two years ago, the Popular Times feature had been launched and it leveraged anonymous mobile positioning data, which offered users the ability to gauge the average traffic in a location in a day. This information was useful as people could plan their journey accordingly and could potentially avoid peak hours at eateries and other places.

How Does It Work?

Thanks to the Live Popular Time feature, users will get an average estimation about the foot traffic in a particular area. This will help people navigate at a given location based on the collected data.

In this way the visitor can plan the trip accordingly and avoid any traffic issue that may act as an obstacle while traveling on a particular route. They could also avoid any busy route and rather avail the other options mentioned in the Maps.

By allowing more timely and regular results, this new update is going to help the users a lot. The real-time data shall assist the tools account for special occasions, events, traffic during holiday times, and also any unforeseen event. It is the perfect tool for the people who are always on the move and have busy schedule.

The latest update to Google Maps also provides a quick access to the user's iOS clipboard where the address gets copied. For instance, while searching, the users of Google Maps are provided an option to fill the search bar automatically from Contacts or any other app with an address copied from it.

What Else Does The Update Bring?

The updated version also brings bug fixes that Google Maps for iOS has been dealing with before the launch of the Live Popular Times.

The latest 4.27 version of Google Maps for iOS is now available, the app can be downloaded from the App Store.

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