Google announced that it will be adding some changes to the tech company's popular navigation app in order to make it easier for users to access real-time information. The company has added three new tabs to Google Maps: Places, Driving, and Transit.

New Google Maps Tabs Make Navigation Easier

The idea behind the tabs is to cut down the number of taps you'll have to make in order to access information and get directions. Prior to the launch of the new tabs, you'll have to swipe left for the Driving Mode, tap the screen in order to explore nearby places, or start driving in order to check the traffic from the app. All of these things are now made accessible simply by swiping up the bar located at the bottom of the Google Maps home. A new page will then load up featuring the three tabs.

In a blog post, Google says that its goal in coming up with the new tabs is to make it easier for users to discover new places, as well as commute or drive to a certain location. "When you're on the go, there's no time for apps that can't keep up," says Marcus Lowe, Product Manager for Google Maps. "Whether you need to get to work or you're just looking for a quick bite around you, Google Maps gives you personalized information about your world so you can make decisions and get around with confidence," Lowe further adds.

The Places Tab

This tab will present a curated list of nearby establishments. One can sort the locations using keywords such as "romantic dining" or "cheap dinners." You can also search for a list of restaurants, cafés, bars, gas stations, grocery stores, clinics, and ATMs. Each of the listings will be accompanied by a short description and a photo.

The Driving Tab

This tab will be useful for car owners who are navigating through busy city streets and want to know their estimated time of arrival. Aside from the ETA, the tab will also show traffic conditions and expected delays while on the road. The Driving Mode also provides you with traffic conditions without turn-by-turn directions, if you already know how to get to your destination.

The Transit Tab

This tab provides you with public transit options and makes recommendations on what buses or trains to catch in order to commute to work or go home. The tab also provides real-time information about nearby stations and their schedules, as well as the ETA at the user's destination for each individual ride.

Note that you will need to give your home and work address in order to make the Driving and Transit tabs work. According to Google, these three additional tabs will start to roll out today.

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