Verizon made a huge announcement on Sunday: it is joining the other mobile carriers to now offer an unlimited data plan.

Starting on Monday, Feb. 13, customers can sign up for Verizon Unlimited, the carrier's unlimited LTE data plan that costs $80 per month and will compete against other offerings like T-Mobile's One Plan.

Although late to the party, it appears like Verizon finally realized that unlimited data plans are necessary in the day in age when customers are constantly on their phones doing things like streaming music and videos.

Those thinking about switching their mobile carriers might want to compare the popular data plans first. After all, Verizon may have the most customers in terms of total subscribers, but T-Mobile is actually the most liked carrier.

We put Verizon vs. T-Mobile to compare the two unlimited data plans to see which is the best offer. Here's what customers need to know about each:

Verizon Unlimited

Price: Starts at $80 per month for one line, $45 per line for a group of four smartphones or tablets (for $180 per month), plus taxes and fees. However, the price will increase after a year.

What You Get: Verizon Unlimited gives customers unlimited data, talk and text for the prices mentioned above on the carrier 4G LTE network.

Users also get Mobile Hotspot with 10 GB of 4G LTE data for free.

There is also free calling and texting to Mexico and Canada, we all as up to 500MB a day of 4G LTE roaming in both places.

Most important is the HD video streaming that comes with this plan. This means users can stream Netflix while on-the-go without eating up their data for the month.

Another pro is Verizon's fast LTE speeds with LTE Advanced that is available in more than 461 cities in the U.S.

Customers can also add a connected device or smartwatch for just $5 per month, as well as get a TravelPass to use their phone overseas for $10 a day.

"Unlimited" doesn't really mean unlimited in this plan. Once 22 GB of data is used on a line for that billing cycle, Verizon "may prioritize usage behind the customers in the event of network congestion." This means the more people gobbling up data with this plan, the slower speeds will be.

Mobile hotspot data will also go down to 3G speeds after reaching the 10 GB mark.

It's also unknown the resolution of the HD video streaming.

T-Mobile One Plan

Price: Costs $70 per month for one line, $40 per line for family four smartphones, with $20 extra per month for adding additional tablets to plan.

What You Get: The T-Mobile One Plan gives customers unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data on the Uncarrier's network.

Customers get unlimited smartphone Mobile Hotspot data at 2G speeds. The plan comes with free roaming in Mexico and Canada, and 200MB domestic off-network roaming.

T-Mobile sweetens the deal to cover all costs associated with switching to its service.

Pros: T-Mobile's One comes with many perks like the ability to have stock in the company and grow shares by bringing friends to the network. There is also the T-Mobile Tuesdays that brings with it new freebies every week.

Customers can also add their smartwatch to their plan for $5 per month at 2G speeds.

Cons: Customers get T-Mobile's LTE speeds, but when it comes to the quality of video, they will have to pay more. T-Mobile One includes unlimited video streaming at 480p, or there is the option to get up to 4k for $25 per month per line.

When customers use more then 26 GB of unlimited data per billing cycle, they may also see their "data traffic prioritized behind other users," which could result in slower speeds.

Don't forget that Sprint and AT&T also have unlimited offerings. Sprint's unlimited data costs $60 per month, or $90 per month each for five lines. AT&T's plan starting at $100 when bundles with other services like its DirectTV.

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