T-Mobile Is Now The Most Liked Carrier While Verizon, AT&T Have More Unhappy Customers


It seems that all T-Mobile's innovations last year are finally paying off. A new Nielsen survey revealed that its subscribers are more satisfied overall with its service than its rival carriers such as Verizon and AT&T. Furthermore, users are more likely to recommend it to others.

The Nielsen report, which counts over 30,000 monthly respondents, is not alone in its findings. An analytics firm called BrandIndex, which measures brand value by way of consumer interviews, also saw an uptick in T-Mobile's satisfaction rating, whereas the competition sustained declining consumer value perception.

Other surveys also mirror T-Mobile's satisfaction rating such as Computer World's best data provider ranking for 2016, where the carrier earned plaudits for offering more value than its competitors.

T-Mobile: It's A Grand Slam

You may be sure that T-Mobile CEO John Legere boasted about the result, as he commended his customer care team for a job well done at the same time.

"We have the best damn care team in the business — at this point, that's not even up for debate," Legere said. "But like everyone else at this company, our care team takes 'we won't stop' pretty literally. They've got their sights on being the #1 care team in any industry, anywhere — not just wireless. That was so 2016."

Legere has every reason to crow. The Nielsen Mobile Insights report showed how satisfaction and favorability trends have been on the rise for T-Mobile across the board particularly in the period covering November to December last year. The CEO declared that the feat is equivalent to a grand slam.

Verizon's Fall

Verizon, on the other hand, is a curious case. The breakdown of the Nielsen survey revealed that it is trailing the dominant uncarrier badly, and subscriber unhappiness was the trend since November. In the BrandIndex survey, its value also suffered a massive dent since the holiday season, plummeting to its lowest level in six years.

The Big Red has been trumpeting its shift toward 5G technology as well as the extent of its LTE coverage, but its subscribers are not impressed. The bulk of these users were likely turned off by Verizon's decision to impose the 200 GB limit on data. To top it all, Verizon even promised to punish those violating the cap by forcing them to a tiered plan and banning consistent heavy data users from the network for good.

While Sprint found itself in the bottom of the pile, its satisfaction rating in the Nielsen survey showed a steadily climbing trend. It will not be surprising if it topples AT&T from the third spot this year.

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