Just in time for Valentine's Day, OkCupid launched new features that aim to improve users' matches in the site's mobile dating app. One of its new features now allow users to glean more information from a person's profile before swiping.

OkCupid's DoubleTake Replaces App's Tinder-Like Feature

OkCupid launched DoubleTake, which will serve as a replacement for Quickmatch, a feature that was meant to be a counterpart to Tinder's "hot or not" feature. This would be welcome news for users who do not want to be judged based on one photo alone.

In the old feature, users swiped left or right by judging compatibility based on a single photo. The new feature will have a different layout that features up to four photos as well as profile highlights.

In a press release statement, Elie Siedman, CEO of OkCupid says that its app's users are "more than just a photo, and our new features are dedicated to highlighting their uniqueness and individuality." The swiping process has slowed down, resulting to an increase in mutual matches.

"Every person has a story and instead of helping users speed up, DoubleTake slows them down within the swiping interface so that they can appreciate each other's uniqueness," adds Seidman.

Seidman came on board the company on May of last year with the goal of making the app more successful in building meaningful relationships, and distinguishing itself from hookup apps such as Tinder. OkCupid's new feature has gone live today on both iOS and Android devices.

Dating App Also Updates Questions

OkCupid also added 50 more questions to its question-and-answer feature, which allows users to get to know more about the person behind the profile. The new set of questions is related to recent news events. It will ask you how you feel about climate change and "ghosting."

The app will also ask you how you feel about President Trump and the Muslim ban, which could prove to be a deal breaker. This would definitely save users from embarrassment and awkwardness over having to ask such politically-charged questions over a date.

OkCupid Will Revamp Its Design

Aside from recent updates to its app, OkCupid also announced that it will have a new design that will roll out next month. The company hired Berlin artist Jay Daniel Wright to come up with colorful illustrations that will be used on its website and mobile app to give the company a more modern and fresh look.

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