Brexit continues to make ripples in the UK and now Microsoft is the latest electronics maker to increase prices in the country.

All Microsoft Surface Book models got a significant price bump in the UK as Britain's decision to exit the European Union, commonly referred to as Brexit, has taken a heavy toll on the country's currency.

OnePlus was among the first OEMs to raise the prices of its devices in the UK after the Brexit decision and others followed in the meantime. Just last month, for instance, Apple announced that it was increasing App Store prices in the UK because of the Brexit currency swings, and that followed increases in iPhone and Mac prices last year. The UK can likely expect more such news as the pound continues to dwindle.

Microsoft is now the latest to spike prices in the UK, making its Surface Book laptops considerably more expensive. The company had previously made some changes to a few enterprise products post Brexit. As the British pound continues to lose in value, however, Microsoft is now reworking some consumer prices too.

Microsoft Surface Book Price Increase In UK

With the latest price hike, all Microsoft Surface Book models have received a hefty £150 premium across the board. The base Surface Book model now costs £1,449 ($1,800) instead of the previous £1,299, marking an 11.5 percent hike. The most expensive model now costs a whopping £3,049 ($3,800).

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed that the company has indeed increased some consumer prices, motivating the currency swings in the Brexit aftermath.

"In response to a recent review we are adjusting the British pound prices of some of our hardware and consumer software in order to align to market dynamics," the Microsoft spokeswoman told TechCrunch.

The spokeswoman further noted that the changes in pricing went into effect on Wednesday, Feb. 15, and affect only Microsoft products and services bought by individuals or companies that don't have contracts for volume licensing.

"For indirect sales where our products and services are sold through partners, final prices will continue to be determined by them," she added.

Surface Book UK Price Might Make Buyers Think Twice

The hefty price increase could considerably affect the Surface Book's market performance in the UK, as it makes it less appealing especially with a new generation of Surface hardware expected later this year. Just last week, for instance, the Surface Book got a $250 price cut in the United States, signaling that a new model could soon hit the scene, but Brexit forced Microsoft to increase the price in the UK rather than discount it.

With the base Surface Book model now priced at £1,449 in the UK, don't expect the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 2 to be more affordable. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will adjust prices to be more budget-friendly once the British pound stabilizes, but for now it's a tough market.

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