Microsoft is rumored to be working on the successor of the Surface Book laptop, dubbed the Surface Book 2, which will bring several upgrades.

The Surface Book 2 will apparently deploy a 4K display and like the rumored Surface Pro 5, it could also be equipped with Intel's Kaby Lake processor.

With Microsoft offering massive discounts on its older Surface Book, it is speculated that the release of the next-gen laptop is around the corner and the company is looking to clear the inventory of the older device.

Usually, a company reduces the price of its current products in the build-up to the launch of a new generation device. The way Microsoft is trying to get rid of the old stock hints that the Surface Book 2's arrival is imminent.

The Surface Book 2 is a highly anticipated device that will bring many firsts for consumers. Here is a look at some of the rumored specs, features, expected price, and release date of the laptop.


In August 2016, Microsoft took to its Instagram account to tease an image of what many believed was the Surface Book 2. The leaks showed off some significant design improvements. Fans can look forward to the "dynamic fulcrum hinge" that has a lot more ridges in comparison to the Surface Book.


The Surface Book 2 is rumored to sport a 13.5-inch 4K display and the device may also be capable of offering support to VR systems.

The current-gen variant also boasts a 13.5-inch screen but with a resolution of 3,000 x 2,000 pixels.

The improved display will likely find favor with consumers and if the Surface Book 2 offers VR support, that would be the icing on the cake.


At CES 2017, Intel unveiled the seventh-gen Kaby Lake processor, which is expected to power desktops and laptops.

Rumors have been rife that Microsoft has delayed the release of the Surface Pro 5 because of the processor, so it's logical to think that the company is most probably equipping its Surface Book 2 with the same CPU.


To support the rumored 4K display and 3D graphics, the Surface Book 2 will need to house a powerful battery. It is expected that the next-gen laptop will not disappoint on this account and offer more usage than the four hours supported by its predecessor. Microsoft is also expected to offer support for USB Type-C.

Price And Release

Microsoft is yet to spill the beans on the official release date of the Surface Book 2. However, rumor has it that the device could be introduced in March this year. The Surface Book was unveiled in October 2015 and the company did not refresh the device in 2016. Therefore, the chances of the Surface Book 2 debuting in March, possibly alongside the Surface Pro 5, are high.

The pricing for device is not known at this juncture, but it will likely start at $1,499 just like its predecessor.

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