It's a boy!

American Girl announced on Tuesday the addition of its first-ever boy doll.

The boy's name is Logan Everett, a character added to the new storyline that stars the new "contemporary character" Tenney Grant.

The 18-inch boy doll has short brown hair, gray eyes and sports stylish outfits that includes a plaid shirt to give off hipster vibes and brown leather jacket over a gray t-shirt for when taking the stage.

Logan is the drummer for Tenney, "a rising star in the Nashville music scene" that uses her songwriting to help her find and remain true to herself.

The new American Girl doll channels a Taylor Swift early in her career look with long blonde hair, and comes with a guitar that can be strummed and plays three songs.

Tenney's story is explored in the books series written by award-winning author Kellen Hertz, inspiring girls and boys to pursue their dreams, while also teaching them the value of hard work and dedication.

Tenney and Logan will be available on Thursday, Feb. 16, just days before the New York City Toy Fair that kicks off on this Saturday, Feb. 18 where they are expected to be showcased.

And while this is major news since it marks the first time a boy character doll has been offered to consumers from the comapny, the additional of Logan is just one of the new characters that reflect the diversity of dolls by the brand.

These include: Gabriela McBride, the 2017 "Girl of the Year "who is African-American and users spoken word poetry to help her with her stutter; Z Yang, a filmmaker with Korean decent; and Nanea, a Hawaiian girl who helps and heals during WW II.

Gabriela was released back in January, but customers can pick up Z Yang in April and Nanea in the fall.

Creating more diverse characters including boys can help renew interest in the 31-year-old brand as the company attempts to boost its revenue.

Each of the 18-inch fold retails for $115 each not including the accessories, and can be purchased online, through the catalogue and at the American Girl retail stores.

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