It's about to be a whole lot easier getting your hands on an American Girl doll to give as a gift this Christmas.

That's because starting this fall, Mattel's popular dolls will be sold at Toys "R" Us stores across the United States.

Up until this point, consumers have only been able to purchase American Girl dolls at one of the brand's 20 store locations, online or via its catalogue. The exclusivity of the dolls has helped shape the line to become much desired among children as well as being an entire experience when going to pick up the toy or accessories for her.

Now, as part of a multiyear partnership between the toy company and the toy retailer, select American Girl dolls, along with their accessories and other branded products, will hit the shelves of Toys "R" Us.

In September, Toys "R" Us will start selling American Girl's new line of dolls called "WellieWishers" in all 870 locations across the United States. The WellieWishers line features five different dolls that will be featured in an online animated series this fall. These dolls are smaller in size compared with the traditional American Girl dolls, but are also cheaper at just $60.

Then, in October, Toys "R" Us will feature mini American Girl stores within 97 of its stores. These select locations will be where consumers can purchase the brand's "Truly Me" dolls, the dolls that are meant to look like their owner by coming in a variety of skin, hair and eye colors and retail for $100. Consumers will also be able to pick outfits and accessories for these dolls that reflect the owner's personality. 

Consumers will not be able to buy the "BeForever" line of American Girl dolls, the ones that made the company famous. The BeForever line includes characters like Felicity, Molly, Samantha and Josefina that all have their own storylines set in different historical periods of time. This collection of dolls will continue to be sold in American Girl stores and online and retail for about $115.

The decision to bring some of the American Girl brand of dolls that Mattel owns to Toys "R" Us comes after the company reported a decline of sales as Mattel reported being down 19 percent in gross sales for the second-quarter back in July.

The Toys "R" Us partnership marks the first time American Girl dolls are being sold in stores outside its own retail locations, but could help drive sales as more people will be able to easily get their hands on them when making a trip to the toy store.

Source: LA Times

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