General Motors will reportedly introduce the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle (EV) to the residents of Los Angeles as part of the Lyft Express Drive Program. The move will aid in the reduction of parking congestions, reduce pollution, and offer people more solutions.

The company is going to add 100 Bolt EVs to its existing fleet of share cabs. General Motors has already invested heavily in Maven, which is an in-house brand offering car sharing in 17 cities in the United States and Canada.

For the unfamiliar, Maven is a vehicle sharing program from General Motors, which basically provides car sharing in three distinct ways. The first method includes an app which can be used to rent a car by the hour. The second service is only applicable for urban apartment dwellers, whereas the third and final type is peer-to-peer car sharing which the company has dubbed Express Drive.

The Addition Of Chevrolet Bolt EV

General Motors made the announcement of the Chevrolet Bolt EVs addition on Feb. 16 and revealed that Los Angeles will be the first city to get the vehicles, which will be available for Maven users.

"Starting with Los Angeles, Maven will focus on collaborating with cities and municipalities to co-create smart transportation solutions that enhance mobility, create jobs and ease parking and congestion," stated Julia Steyn, the VP of General Motors.

According to the Sustainable City Plan launched in 2015, the short- and long-term goals include minimizing the daily miles traveled by the vehicles and in turn increasing the facility of share services.

"Maven is a smart, seamless and flexible mobility platform providing sharing solutions that meet the different needs of unique communities," added Steyn

What Are the Advantages Of The Chevrolet Bolt EV?

The Bolt was added by General Motors in a bid to reduce emissions in the city, as well as frequent traffic congestions as was revealed by Steyn in her statement.

The addition of the Chevrolet Bolt EV would lead potential customers to take note of the vehicle and the carmaker would also be able to test the infrastructure, which would be needed to operate an electric car.

The drivers using the Chevrolet Bolt EV would also get free charging facilities for a limited time using the entire EVgo Freedom Station in California.

Last but not the least, General Motors has reported that the car would allow up to 250,000 miles of all-electric driving, which would be of immense help to reduce pollution.

It is commendable that General Motors is trying to expand its business while keeping the welfare of the planet in mind. It remains to be seen how the consumers react to this new addition.

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