Sensorly App Launches Crowdsourcing Feature For Tracking And Sharing Carrier Coverage And Speed


As the war rages on to be the best wireless carrier, the top dogs like T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint continue to launch and make improvements to its unlimited data plans. But what good is all the unlimited talk, text and data, HD video streaming and hotspot data if that network has spotted coverage and slow speed performance?

While there are reports released regarding which carrier has the fastest network and largest availability, the mobile app Sensorly is helping users find which is the best carrier for them based on their location.

Sensorly is the app that provides users with information about wireless carriers so that they know exactly what to expect when it comes to that network's performance.

And now Sensorly launched on a new crowdsourcing feature on Tuesday that allows users to actively track and share their carrier coverage and speed so that hyper-local carrier information can be shared and other users in that area can know what to expect.

Called Map Trip, the new feature provides users with the signal strength and network coverage availability in any location. Presented from a bird's eye view, the user can pinch to zoom in to focus on where they are or where they are traveling to to see how that carrier is doing in that area.

The feature allows users to map their routes to see and share with others the signal data at a particular location in real time.

Users start tracking by tapping on Map Trip from the bottom navigation bar, and tapping "New Trip." The app will only map the data while the Map Trip screen is visible, with exiting the app causing in the feature to pause.

Users then name their trip like "Trip To The City," and will be directed to the tracker.

Map Trip displays the time it takes to travel the route, along with the collected data samples that includes 2G-3G, LTE and Wi-Fi data that is plotted on the map. The data is then submitted to the app's servers anonymously to then be seen by other users to help them determine if that service is best for them if they travel similar routes.

The new crowdsourcing feature is now available as part as a 4.2.0 update for iOS only.

"The response we received following our initial 4.0 update was incredibly positive, and the new Map Trip is part of our ongoing commitment to providing the Sensorly community with the most comprehensive and unbiased wireless network information," Ben Shepherd, VP of software products and engineering said in a press release. "None of our competitors offer the level of mapping we can provide today."

The app update also brings with it better mapping capabilities that includes collecting live data when the iOS device is on the move for data accuracy, along with color coding the different carriers on the map to easily tell them all apart when it comes to the same trips.

While Map Trip has already been made available for Android users, and Android users can expect further updates to the app in the near future that includes an improved SDK and redesign by the end of the year.

Sensorly is compatible for all Apple devices running on iOS 8.2 or higher, and available to download for free. 

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