Huawei Honor 8
(Photo : Huawei) Most phone manufacturers are coming up with the blue color variant for their phones. Here are some of the best smartphones on the market that come in blue.
Huawei Honor 8 in Sapphire Blue
(Photo : Huawei)
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in Blue Coral
(Photo : Samsung)
Sony Xperia XZ in Forest Blue
(Photo : Sony)
Really Blue Google Pixel
(Photo : Google)

For many years now, smartphone manufacturers have played it safe when choosing color variants. Most of the time, they will stick to safe but somewhat boring colors such as black, white, silver, and gold when designing their smartphones.

The last couple of years have seen a change as rose gold became a trend. When Apple introduced an iPhone 6S in rose gold back in 2015, people went crazy and flocked to stores to buy one for themselves.

The color became so popular that the company decided to extend the color to its iPads, MacBooks and Beats headphones. Samsung also came out with its own version of the color and called it "pink gold."

But what about the people who do not like the color so much? If you're looking for something unusual that will stand out in the sea of black, white and pink/rose gold phones, blue is definitely the way to go.

The good news is that the color blue seems to be heavily favored these days as more manufacturers are coming up with a blue variant for their phones.

For those of you who are tired of the usual colors in their phones, Tech Times has rounded up the best smartphones that come in blue:

Huawei Honor 8 In Sapphire Blue

The Sapphire Blue variant of the Honor 8 is absolutely gorgeous. It has a deep, rich shade of blue that gives off a luminescent glow whenever the light hits it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge In Blue Coral

The pastel blue metallic shade of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is a nice contrast to the Honor 8's strikingly dark blue color. The blue on the back and bezels of the phone is lighter and resembles the color of the sky. The color goes really well against the gold trim on the edges and side buttons of the phone.

The sixth color variant of the Galaxy S7 edge was made official back in November in selected markets. According to a press release, the company "applied a contrasting gold tone hue to the phone's metallic frame. The resulting two-toned combination is at once calming and sophisticated."

Sony Xperia XZ In Forest Blue And Xperia X Compact In Mist Blue

Sony can't seem to decide between a light blue and a dark blue phone, which is why it came up with both. The Xperia XZ comes in a shiny, dark blue metal finish, which the company says is inspired by nature. The Xperia X Compact in Mist Blue comes in a pale blue ceramic finish.

Google Pixel In Really Blue

When coming up with the name for its blue variant, Google's product team did not want to use the clichéd names associated with the color, such as ocean blue or graphite blue. The team felt that Really Blue was more on-brand.

Depending on how the light catches it, the jewel-toned blue of the Google Pixel can turn from a bright royal hue to that of a rich cobalt.

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