Snapchat Spectacles are now available online, relieving the interested buyers from tracking down SnapBots or waiting for them to come to your city.

The Snapchat Spectacles have been designed as a quite self-explanatory device. However, there are some simple tips and tricks which a spectacle user must know in order to smoothly snap and upload.

Light Circle On The Spectacle

The light circle on both the sides of the Spectacles indicates video being recorded at that point of time. It is better to let people or friends know about this feature to avoid any confusion.

Cut Short Recording Or Continue Recording

Spectacles record videos of up to 10 seconds by default; however, it can be cut short by pressing and holding the button before the time is up.

Moreover, a video can be extended to up to 20 seconds or 30 seconds, by just pushing the record button more than once. For a 20-second or 30-second video, all the user needs to do is double press or triple press the recording button at the start and continue snapping.

Blinking Light On The Inside

The blinking light on the inside of the Spectacles is static in the beginning of the recording. However, the light starts blinking 2 seconds before the video finishes to notify the user and given him/her a chance to decide whether to extend the videos or not.

HD Quality Video

Android users get their videos in HD quality by default. However, the iPhone user needs to perform a few extra steps to get HD quality snaps added in their stories.

While viewing the Spectacle Snaps in the Snapchat app, iPhone users have to choose the option "Get HD" located at the top. Once signaled, users would have to exit Snapchat app and go to the Settings menu. From Settings menu they have to select Wi-Fi option and tap Spectacles Wi-Fi network. Once this part is done, the user can go back to Snapchat app and get their videos in HD.

Check Snap Spectacle Battery Life

To check the battery life, one can double tap the area just below the record button on the left side of the glasses. On tapping, a circle gets illuminated showing the amount of charge left for the users.

The battery life can also be checked from the Settings menu of the Snapchat app.

Sharing The Spectacles With A Friend Or Exporting Outside Of The Snapchat

One can even let their friends use their Spectacles, without sharing their own videos or vice versa.

To make this possible, one has to make sure that all their videos are properly synced to their phone. Once this is done, your friend can then pair the spectacles with his or her Snapchat account and continue snapping.

No Need To Wear Them All The Time

One doesn't have to necessarily wear the spectacles every time he or she wants to record a video. Video can be recorded through the spectacles even if they are kept on the table or held in hand.

Fix Your Specs And Erase All Data

The Spectacles can be reset, if they are causing any trouble. Also before lending the specs out to someone indefinitely or selling it off, the owner must make sure to erase all data stored in the device.

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