Instagram is expanding on the popular Stories feature to now include swipeable moments in user's feeds.

The social network announced a new update to its app on Wednesday that now allows users to share up to 10 photos or videos at once in a single post.

Rather than just sharing a single photo or video at a time, users can now group together multiple posts in Instagram's new "album" feature. For example, users can upload multiple photos from a friend's birthday party with a video of them blowing out the candles, or can create step-by-step tutorials which will come in handy when showing how to put on makeup or how to cook a recipe.

The album is displayed in a carousel format, allowing users to swipe through all ten photos or videos.

So how do users create their own carousel posts?

Creating Instagram Albums

First in foremost, users must update to the latest version of Instagram to get the feature.

Once the app is updated, users should tap on camera icon just like they would when creating a new post. Tap on up to ten photos or videos and Instagram will automatically turn the content into an album-like gallery post.

Users can edit their album post, rearranging the order of the photos or videos by holding down on the image and dragging it to the left to right depending on where it is meant to go.

Of course what is Instagram without its filters? So users can either select a filter for each individual photo or the entire album as a whole.

However, there is only the option to have one single captain for the entire album. The gallery will also only be in the square format.

All that's left to do is hit post and wait for the likes to rack up.

Viewing The Carousel

Now that the gallery post is uploaded, identifying which posts contain an album and how to view them is easy. 

Looking at the user's gird, they can tell a specific post features an album because it will have a a little icon on the first photo or video that lets others know there is more to see.

In a user's feed, posts that feature an album will have blue dots at the bottom of them to the right of the like, comment and share icons. Start swiping to be able to view the carousel.

Other users can comment and like these posts just like any traditional photos or videos uploaded on the platform. 

Update to Instagram version 10.9 to start using the new feature.

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