What Will The Relaunched Nokia 3310 Look Like? Leaked Details Emerge


The Nokia 3310's classic look is something that has surpassed the age of smartphones. Everybody knows and loves the simple, classic design that reminds us all of simpler days when people still compared their high scores in Snake II. With the announcement coming from Nokia that they will be doing a relaunch of the 3310 at this year's Mobile World Congress on Feb. 26, many are already wondering how its modern version will look like.

Now, new information is coming out about supposed leaked reports of how the relaunched phone may look like and even a little information on the phone's modernized specifications.

A Slight Update

The 3310 was launched in the year 2000, before the age of smartphones began and when cellular phones were simply used as phones. It is possibly for this reason that many loved the fun update and quirky design of Nokia's most iconic phone.

According to Chinese website Vtech, the new 3310 will likely resemble the original bar phone with a slight update of being slimmer and lighter. Further, its buttons are said to resemble the original layout but with a modern touch and just like before, the 3310 could come in multiple colors.

A Smarter Phone

The supposed leaks also reported on the 3310's updated specifications that will bring it into the modern side of the fence. However, though it is said to be packed with limited data and web-browsing capabilities, it still won't quite be classified as a smartphone. It will, however, reportedly sport a larger and in color screen.

The new 3310 is expected to be sold at around $63, which is a pretty reasonable price to have a handful of nostalgia.

Early Concept Videos

The report is, of course, unverified, so there's no saying just exactly what the new 3310 will look like. Upon the announcement of its comeback, enthusiasts were quick to make concept videos of what the modernized 3310 may look like and what features it may have.

One concept video reimagining the 3310 did not change much the look of the Nokia classic but did add more modern features such as a rear camera, a built in radio system, 8 GB in internal memory and a microUSB port. A few years back, CurvedLabs released a concept image of a modernized Nokia 3310 that features a much larger screen that's somewhat closer to the look of a smartphone, with the iconic buttons strategically placed at the bottom of the device.

It won't be long until we see what the relaunched 3310 will actually look like and for all we know, it could look exactly the same. Until then, we'll just have to wait and see.

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