Google Allo Smart Messaging App Coming To Desktops Soon


Allo, the "smart" messaging app from Google, was released in September 2016 and was welcomed by people. Within just a week of its release, it was reported that the app crossed 5 million downloads, which bears testimony to its initial popularity.

However, since then, the popularity of Allo has waned. This is due to the fact that people are more comfortable using the Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp rather than the Google chat offering.

The company has been trying to promote Allo incessantly and in a bid to retain mobile users, Google has been updating the app to provide the best experience possible.

Google it seems is now set to take a new route with Allo and will foray into a new territory - desktop. A tweet from Nick Fox, the VP of Communications Products at Google, indicates that the company is currently developing the desktop version of Allo.

What The Tweet Reveals

Fox stated in the tweet that the desktop version of Allo is in very early stages of development, but it will be making its way to desktops soon.

The Google Assistant will also be present in the desktop version just like it is present in the mobile version as well. The picture in the tweet also shows the use of stickers during a chat, confirming that this feature would likely be carried over to the desktop version of Allo.

The image in the tweet suggests that the Allo chat application can be opened as a tab on Google Chrome and not as a standalone app. Users may question this decision as many would feel that it would perhaps be better as an app rather than as a web page.

"I don't want to be required to always keep a chrome tab or window open just for messaging. If I can write my message then close out the window until I get a notification for another message, I'd be cool with that. Also, messaging should also work even if chrome isn't running," noted a Redditor after the tweet came to light.

It is also unclear how Google Allo will work since the app on the phone is linked to the user's mobile number. With the desktop version, tying it to the Google account may possibly be more convenient.

Possible Release Date

Per the tweet, it is clear that the work on the desktop version is in the nascent stages and would likely take some time to be completed. Even though the image indicates that most of the important bits are already in place, Fox obviously disagrees.

Therefore, interested users will perhaps have to wait for some time before they can get their hands on Allo on their desktops or laptops.

You can download the Allo for iOS and Google Play smartphones till then.

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