Streaming devices have taken over televisions, especially since the new devices offer a whole lot more than your usual cable TV subscriptions.

In December, Tech Times listed down the best streaming services of 2016, and Roku Ultra was on top of the list.

However, Roku offers other streaming devices that provide a similar viewing experience for a price acceptable to other market segments so, if you're confused about which package to get, worry no more.

Tech Times has noted the main differences between Roku Express, Premier, and Ultra to help you decide on the right streamer for you.

Roku Express

Users who prefer a simple streamer for a lower price should consider the Roku Express. For only $29.99, you can already access the usual shows you stream. The Roku Express supports full HD video streaming up to 1080p and users can cast videos from YouTube right to their phones. It offers Dolby Audio which connects via HDMI and also connects to your television via HDMI.

The Roku Express really just offers the most basic Roku features but that doesn't mean it is a bad deal, especially if you don't really care about getting the newest technology with the highest specifications.

If you have an older television, however, you may have to shell out an extra $10 for the Roku Express+ which is basically the same as Express but comes with an additional AV cable that is compatible to older television models.

Roku Premier

Roku Premier is the cheapest 4k-ready streamer in the market at $79.99. Now what differentiates the Roku Premier from the Express, other than the price and 4k output, is that it runs on a quad-core processor, has screen mirroring for Android and Windows devices, and has a Night Listening Mode.

Night Listening mode is basically what will allow you to stream videos late at night without disturbing anyone in the vicinity by making dialogue and other soft sounds louder (so you can still understand what's going on) and making loud and explosive sounds softer.

Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra is Roku's ultimate player which supports stunning HD, 4k, and HDR picture quality priced at $129.99. It offers the most advanced features among the Roku products, including Roku TV whose only additional feature is "Live Pause."

It also has the following additional features that Express and Premier don't have:

• MicroSD slot
• USB port
• Optical digital audio output
• Voice Search via Roku remote
• Gaming buttons on remote
• Remote finder
• Point anywhere remote
• Remote with headphone jack for private listening

Which Roku is Right for You?

It basically all boils down to what kind of streamer you are and how high the specifications of your current television are. For those who just want the basic service, Roku Express is good enough but those who like watching at night may want to consider Roku Premier. If you're also into gaming, however, the Roku Ultra would fit you best.

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