WhatsApp messages as evidence of adultery, unfaithfulness? Yes, says Italian divorce lawyers


The divorce rate in Italy seems to be rising - and it may be in part to the mobile messaging app, WhatsApp.

The app allows people, and adulterers, to communicate more easily with each other through online texts, and just as the technology allows easier access to opportunities to cheat - it makes it just as easy to get caught. 

President of the Italian Association of Matrimonial Lawyers, Gian Ettore Gassani, said that social media has made it increasingly easy for infidelity to occur. Ex-lovers can get in touch through Facebook and that eventually transfers over to texting through WhatsApp - which was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion in February of this year.

"Lovers can now exchange risqué photos of themselves, and we have seen adulterers using the service to maintain three or four relationships - it's like dynamite," Gassani said.

According to reports, WhatsApp has made infidelity so easy that in Italy, over 40 percent of divorce cases now use it as evidence against adulterous partners.

Italy is not the only country seeing a rise in broken marriages due to social media. In the U.K. some reports are saying that in 2011, a third of all divorce proceedings used evidence gathered from Facebook.

The connection between excessive social media use and cheating partners has not gone unnoticed. Last year, a study revealed that people who check their social media accounts more than once every hour are more likely to cheat with ex-partners and create "Facebook-induced jealousy" with their current partners.

Gassani offers some prudent advice to would-be adulterers using social media, "If it makes betrayal easier, WhatsApp also makes it easier to be caught. Spouses often become suspicious when they hear the beep of an incoming message," he said [subscription required].

So cheaters, put your phones on silent, or better yet, don't use WhatsApp thinking you can cheat without getting caught.

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