BlackBerry has officially taken the wraps off the KeyOne, which is expected to lift the fortunes of the company.

However, after the device's launch, the price of BlackBerry's first Android phone the Priv was discounted by retailers. The BlackBerry Priv is currently selling for $279.99. An eBay listing reveals that 595 units of the smartphone have already been sold at the time of writing by the seller mobilepros1.

This sudden drop in the Priv's price may lead some to believe that now that the BlackBerry KeyOne has been launched officially, retailers are trying to sell off the older model before the new device hits the shelves.

Price Reduction On eBay

BlackBerry's official website reveals that the Priv still bears a price tag of $499. However, if one grabs the deal offered by eBay on the device, then one can save around $220. The listing on eBay shows that the product is available at a discount of 53 percent off the original price of $599.99.

The listing on the marketplace does not specify when the offer ends and neither does it say how many units are still left in stock. The listing for the BlackBerry Priv just mentions that there is limited stock.

Pricing On Other Retailers

The BlackBerry Priv is up for purchase on various online retailers, with different price tags. The smartphone is on sale at Amazon with a price tag of $339.99, which is higher than its price on eBay.

Other retailers such as B&H show the original price as $649.99, which has been reduced to $349.99. This means that consumers can save $300 on the Android smartphone.

Best Buy too is offering the smartphone for $372.99, with a discount of $27 on the initial price of $399.99.

BlackBerry KeyOne: Is It To Blame?

The pricing of the BlackBerry Priv may have been affected by the launch of the new Android-powered KeyOne.

The KeyOne adds many features lacking in the older device. One key feature that the new smartphone has decided to ditch is the slide-out QWERTY keypad present in the Priv. The KeyOne instead opts for a physical QWERTY keypad.

However, when it comes to memory, both smartphones house similar specs. They offer 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, which is expandable up to 2 TB.

Moreover, the BlackBerry KeyOne comes pre-loaded with Android 7.1 Nougat, giving it an edge when compared to the Priv. The latest flagship also houses a better battery of 3,505 mAh compared with the Priv's 3,410 mAh battery. It also has support for Quick Charge 3.0.

As stated earlier, the stocks are limited on eBay. Therefore, those interested in purchasing the unlocked BlackBerry Priv can head to the online store before stocks run out.

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