It's not all shiny smartphones and tablets that starred in MWC 2017.

Quirky gadgets attracted attention in the prestigious Mobile World Congress 2017. Gizmos like coding blocks, holograms, talking robots, translator earbuds, and indoor greenhouses stole some of the spotlights that shone on brands like Sony, Lenovo, Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Nokia. They may not be gigantic, but they were big enough to get the interests of tech savvy people from all over the word.

The Mobile World Congress 2017 is being held from Feb. 27 to March 2 in Barcelona, Spain.

Livingbox Indoor Greenhouse

With the increasing awareness regarding eco responsibility, it is not surprising that efforts to "go green" by planting more plants are springing left and right. An Israeli startup called Livingbox is offering to help you tend to your own mini-farm inside your home. The design is modular, self-sustaining, and solar-powered, which by itself is already eco-friendly. "Just add water" (hydrophonics technology) and anyone can plant and harvest greens inside his home.

Waverly Labs Earpiece Translator

Language barrier may soon be over, thanks to a small earpiece. Say goodbye to being "lost in translation" and say hello to Pilot Translating Earpiece from Waverly Labs. This futuristic-looking earpieces sync to your phone via its own app (iOS and Android). Say the difficult phrase via your phone and the app will translate into voice or text and send it to another phone. The earpiece is still in prototype phase, but it is already available for preorder.

Cubroid Coding Blocks

This is the age of computers and IT, so knowledge in coding is always good to have. Thankfully, there's Cubroid coding blocks to help teach your kids how to code in a fun and easy way with immediate effects! These cute robotic blocks can sync with its own coding app (iOS or Android).

Pibo Personal Robot Companion

Feeling lonely? Then maybe piBo can drive those blues away. The cute piBo is a "personal intelligent robot as companion" that can provide you with useful information. It can also lift your mood by playing music, dancing, and even sharing emotions. Nothing compares to a soothing music from a cute robot after a long day, no?

Kino-mo 'Holograms'

Remember that scene in Back to the Future when Marty McFly was bitten by a holographic giant shark? That soon may become a reality thanks to Kino-mo. Using its propriety technology, it can display small holographic images which can be used as indoor advertising, in-store display, marketing and promotion materials, and communication points.

Relumino VR Visual Aid

Most inventions stem from humanity's needs. Like the Relumino, a gadget developed by Samsung as visual aid for visually impaired people. Using a VR and smartphone, it can help enhance sight and visual processing by enhancing images and texts. It can also remove blind spots and improve peripheral vision. The gadget, shaped like a VR glass, might cost $99 but it is still under development.

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