Even though Netflix has an impressive library of both original and licensed content, all members have been in the situation where they feel like they can't find anything to stream on the platform.

What usually happens is viewers immediately binge-watch the latest seasons of their favorite Netflix original, then watch the new movies added. By the time the end of month comes along, they are waiting for the new lineup to be released.

Now, Netflix users can easily find a title worth watching without having to beg their girlfriend to say what she is in the mood to see or actually play a movie before bed without getting too tired and giving up, thanks to this nifty Netflix Chrome extension. 

The Random Button for Netflix is exactly what it sounds like. Once the user downloads this Chrome extension, they will see a new tab located next to "Browse" and "DVD" on their Netflix homepage.

Instead of going through the sliders of each category, the user can now just click on the "Random Movie/TV Show" button to see a suggestion to stream.

After clicking on the Random button, the content will appear at the top of the page above the normal homepage lineup. The title information, including the "Overview," "More Like This" and "Details," are all available.

If the button brings up a title that doesn't seem interesting, just click on it again to get another suggestion.

The only downside to this is that the button will bring up titles with one stars, so the user might have to keep clicking a few times to find a worthy movie or show. It also brings up titles across categories, so there is no way to prevent Thomas and Friends from popping up.

However, the user can customize the settings to filter out certain kinds of content so that only movies, TV series or documentaries are displayed at random.

The extension was created by developer Ville Salminen and taps into the AllFlicks database, which has access to Netflix's API. It's available to use in the U.S., UK and a few other countries, like Australia, Canada, France, India and New Zealand.

The Random Button for Netflix does serve as an option to find a hidden gem within Netflix's library — that is, if you don't mind hitting the button a few times.

Source: Lifehacker

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