Fire incidents with Samsung are not new given that it has a history of explosions with the much combustible Galaxy Note 7, which is now defunct.

Samsung Galaxy S7 fire incidents have been flooding the Internet since the time people complained about its battery explosion. Both the devices, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge have been in the news for battery overheating troubles as well.

Now, it is being reported that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has caught fire in what is not an isolated incident. The unfortunate victim of this mishap was reportedly 27-year-old Shaunique Lamb, a senior at the Old Dominion University.

Galaxy S7 Fire Incident

The incident took place on Feb. 23, at 8 p.m. while Lamb was driving to a friend's house. According to Lamb, she was not charging her Sprint variant of the Galaxy S7 but had connected it with the car's Bluetooth so that she could listen to some music, played from an app on her device.

All of a sudden, Lamb noticed smoke emitting from the handset, which was kept in the cup holder of the car. To avoid severe injury, Lamb got out of her car and waited for the smoke to clear and the device to cool down. Reports state that Lamb didn't suffer any physical injuries and was able to escape safely. However, Lamb was still in a state of shock.

Right after the incident, Lamb took the smartphone to the Sprint Store on the Virginia Beach Boulevard, from where she had purchased it. The staff there informed her that she needs to file a claim with the phone insurance company called Aurison.

Lamb also got to know that even with her Aurison insurance plan, she has to pay $200 deductible to get a new handset of the same model.

One of the spokeswomen from Sprint told to News3 that once a complaint like this gets rolling, it is the duty of the technicians to examine the device and give replacement options.

What Is Samsung's Response?

Lamb states that she had forwarded her complaint to Samsung; however, the manufacturer does not seem to be taking the matter very seriously.

"We are working with Ms. Lamb to retrieve the device and learn more about what happened," stated a Samsung spokesperson to News3.

It seems that till the time Samsung gets its hands on the damaged device it won't be commenting on anything.

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