Microsoft's first ever fitness wearable, Band, isn't getting any standing ovations for its performance or features. But reviewers aren't completely underwhelmed, either.

The Band includes a myriad of sensors and is able to count steps, track heart beats, monitor calories used, measure sleep and more. Its heart rate monitor does not require any chest strap and it can even guide a user's workouts while at the gym.

The device boasts GPS, allowing it to map out a user's run, walk, and cycle activity. It offers up heart rate stats, pace, recovery time and more, without any need for the user to bring a phone along. Furthermore, the device includes a number of smart wearable features, including Cortana for Windows Phone users, allowing users to set reminders and take notes.

"From a fitness perspective, the device covers all of the basics and then some. It can handle all of your daily movements and collect data in ways that help you better understand your lifestyle," said one reviewer. "This includes your sleep, as well as your physical fitness, and at the same time, it can provide you notifications about your calendar and deliver messages to your phone as you go through your day."

Yet despite the semi endorsement, it's not all good news. Some reviewers suggest the device is rather ugly, while others report it's uncomfortable to wear. Not only that, but the interface is reportedly also hard to navigate.

"The interface is frustrating at times. You sometimes swipe or tap on the screen, and you sometimes press one of two physical buttons below the display," said a reviewer. "The screen itself is a challenge to make out in direct sun, even with an ambient light sensor that can automatically adjust brightness levels."

Apart from improving the look and interface, the device could also benefit from being waterproof. While the device can withstand a bit of sweat, don't take it in the shower or pool.

Microsoft made a great device with the Microsoft Band, but it has a long way to go before it's the fitness device to beat all fitness devices. 

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