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17 Reasons Why Fitbit Versa Is The Best Smartwatch Out There

The Fitbit Versa’s is the fitness company’s cheapest smartwatch yet, but don’t let the low price tag fool you. It’s just as good as its rivals out there, topped with unbeatable features focused on health and fitness.

Wearable Tech April 16, 2018

Emporio Armani Connected Hybrid Smartwatch Line Launched: Quartz Batteries, Activity Tracking And More

Armani is selling its own lineup of hybrid smartwatches next week, called the Emporio Armani Connected series. The quartz-powered hybrid smartwatches lack notable smartwatch features but do support Bluetooth for smartphone integration.

Wearable Tech October 27, 2016

Wearing A Fitness Tracker May Not Help With Weight Loss

Researchers found that wearing an activity tracker does not necessarily motivate people to increase their fitness regimen, and may even prevent them from losing weight.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 20, 2016

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Activity Tracker Gets LCD Display, Physical Button

The upcoming Mi Band 2 from Xiaomi will apparently sport an LCD display. At a conference in China, CEO Lei Jun was spotted wearing the device, which also seems to come equipped with physical buttons.

Wearable Tech April 26, 2016

Fitbit Tracker Likely Saved This Man's Life, Leading Doctors To Shock His Heart Back To Normal

A 42-year-old man reached the E.R. with atrial fibrillation following a seizure. Doctors faced a tough decision, but the patient's Fitbit tracker saved the day and likely, his life, leading doctors to shock the man's heart back to normal.

Life April 11, 2016

Fitbit Announces New Fashion Fitness Tracker Alta, Preorders Start Today

Fitbit announced a new fitness tracker that lets the user swap its band to go from a day to night look.

Wearable Tech February 3, 2016

Misfit Introduces Stylish Ray Fitness And Sleep Tracker Designed To Be Worn As Fashion Accessory

Misfit unveiled its latest wearable, the Misfit Ray, which can be worn on the wrist as well as attached to other pieces of jewelry.

Wearable Tech January 5, 2016

Garmin Announces The Forerunner 630 Smartwatch For Runners With Larger Display, Advanced Tracking Capabilities Like VO2 Measurement

Garmin unveiled its new Forerunner 630 smartwatch designed for dedicated runners that can measure VO2 max, stride length and lactate threshold.

Wearable Tech October 21, 2015

New Microsoft Band 2 Now Up For Pre-Order: Here's What You Get For $249.99 [Video]

The new Microsoft Band activity tracker has officially made its debut and is now available for pre-order from the Microsoft Store, sporting a $249.99 price tag. Here's what the new wearable has to offer.

Wearable Tech October 7, 2015

Hands-On: Polar Loop 2 Helps Motivate You To Move More At An Affordable Price

The Polar Loop 2 is an activity tracker that is comfortable, size adjustable and affordable, and it tracks your fitness and sends vibration alerts when inactive for a long period of time.

Wearable Tech October 5, 2015

This Light-Navigation Device Can Turn Your Bike Into A Smart Bike

Smart Halo latches onto any kind of bike and provides an intuitive solution for bikers to focus on the road rather than a map.

FUTURE TECH August 26, 2015

Epson Launches The New Runsense SF-110 With Added Activity Tracking Features

Epson adds to its family of running smartwatches with the new SF-110.

Wearable Tech August 19, 2015

Track Your Steps In Style With These Activity-Tracking Eyeglasses That Aren’t Google Glass

VSP Global is testing a smart glasses protoype that tracks activity via senors in the frames, while providing a stylish design for everyday wear.

Wearable Tech July 20, 2015

Microsoft Band reviews: A long road of improvements looms ahead

Microsoft Band, the company's first wearable fitness tracker, has a number of great sensors. But that's about where the accolades stop as Microsoft has a number of improvements to make.

Wearable Tech November 11, 2014

Microsoft's $199 Band: Why the fitness tracker could rank among top holiday gifts of 2014

The $199 cross-platform Microsoft Band could become one of the top players in the upcoming holiday season.

Wearable Tech November 2, 2014

Fitbit releases Charge, Charge HR and Surge: Fitness tracking will never be the same again

Fitbit has just unveiled three new smart wristbands. The new product line, which includes the Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge, comes eight months after the company recalled its flagship model.

Wearable Tech October 29, 2014

New study reveals how people in different cities sleep, rest

A new data set released by activity tracker maker Jawbone suggests how people sleep in different cities across the world. People in Tokyo, Japan, experience least sleeping hours per day.

Life August 20, 2014

Fitbit health band maker developing Windows 8.1 app.

Health and fitness lovers will welcome the news that Fitbit is developing an app for Windows 8.1. After Android and iOS, Windows device users too can track their goals thanks to the app for the company's activity tracker.

Wearable Tech June 17, 2014

LG Lifeband Touch fitness tracker render leaked

@Evleaks has posted a photo of the LG Lifeband Touch fitness tracker on Twitter. Expect its unveiling at 2014 International CES in Las Vegas or at MWC in Bercelona.

Wearable Tech January 1, 2014

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