It's definitely not a bird, nor a plane. So what was that strange, spherical white object filmed from a commercial airline flying over Iranian airspace? A U.F.O. by the purest definition of the term -- an Unidentified Flying Object, it most definitely is.

However, even some of the most die-hard alien theorists are holding off their calls of alien space craft evidence until more information can be gathered. Some of them say that the object could simply be a drone.

From a 35 second clip of the object flying underneath the airplane that has been uploaded and making the rounds on the internet, the sphere appears to be white, not too large, and has no wings. It seems to be traveling from the right side of the camera's frame to the left at a consistent speed and is flying at a low altitude.

The Middle Eastern country of Iran has a history of officially documented U.F.O sightings and even air force search missions for U.F.O's in their air space.

According to reports from non-conspiracy theorist related sources, the first incident involving a U.F.O in Iran air space (although they are never directly referred to as U.F.O's), was in 1976 when fighter pilots tried to catch "fast, bright objects" over Tehran, but their efforts were halted because all their instruments were knocked out somehow.

Back in 2004, the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) intercepted what they initially thought were U.S. drones over their nuclear facilities. The article, written by Babak Taghvaee, who has extensive experience writing about the Iranian Air Force, said that, "The intruder then increased its speed and 'disappeared like a meteor.'"

More recently, in 2012, an F-14 was reported to be intercepting an intruder flying towards the Bushehr nuclear power plant. The aircraft exploded inexplicably after takeoff, killing both its crewmen.

Although all three of the past incidents could be explained by non-extraterrestrial means, they just go to show that U.F.O sightings are not unheard of in that part of the world.

As for the current mysterious white orb captured on the video, so far no government organization has claimed it as their own or that it is part of some experimental aircraft program in Iran.

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